Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Buy Lingerie for your Sexy Body!

How to buy lingerie for your body is a guide on what to look for when purchasing sexy lingerie. Women need some help when it comes to how to buy sexy lingerie for their body unless they are a perfect 36-24-36 with a tan; no body fat and an unlimited budget then go directly to as we are waiting for you.

The purpose of lingerie is arguably to make a woman look or appear sexier than she already is, give her self confidence being "nearly" naked and promote healthy body images. Now while that is an ambitious agenda the truth is done correctly buying the right lingerie can go a long ways toward accomplishing these things. Unfortunately many women and men do not go into buying lingerie in this manner. It is often "I need something sexy for my vacation". While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, it doesn't address what will make her look her best, project her sexuality in an assertive, positive manner and arouse both her and her mate. Often men are worse in that they simply want their girlfriend to wear some hideous outfit that simply exposes her breasts, butt and sexual region with no concern as to how she feels about herself parading around in a "clown" outfit disguised as sexy lingerie. It isn't sexy if it doesn't allow the wearer to feel sexy. There isn't much sexy about a woman who is embarrassed, ashamed or feeling ridiculous in a garment.

Buying lingerie for your body requires knowing your body and what you do and don't like about it. Ask yourself "what do I love, like and hate about my body". Once you answer that question for yourself or your mate then let’s get to the next step. Some women don't love their ______________(fill in the blank) for one reason or another. Some will say stomach, thighs, nose, weight or any other of a number of body parts that they don't like. Other will say they love their breasts, stomach, legs, neck or another set of parts and you should buy garments to accentuate the good parts and avoid garments that show off the bad parts. No, this is not rocket science but amazingly many women and even more men ignore the basic rule.

As an example if you love your breasts either because they are big, perfectly formed, and perky or just perfect that consider a corset. Corsets push your breasts up and out and draw eyes towards them while slimming your waist giving you that hour glass figure. If you are a plus size gal then don't by all means purchase flowing, blousy, tent like lingerie. Wear structured, snug fitting garments like corsets and body stockings. Wear a skimpy skirt that defines your waist and stockings that elongate your torso. Consider wearing high heels that give you height and proportionality.

Color is an essential consideration as well as often times your favorite color may not be your friend in your underwear. Black is your friend and white is your enemy. The exception to this is of course dark skinned women and women with a good tan. The color is not good because your skin tones will look so hot in white while a pasty, fluorescent white skin with a white teddy will look washed out.

Fit is also very important but lingerie is not meant to be worn all day and is supposed to be body flattering. So snug, not tight is great. The reason so much lingerie is made with spandex or cut smaller is that you are going to be showing off the goods, honey. While there is loose, flowing, comfortable lingerie we aren't concerned with it here and may or may not fall into the granny panty category and that is not sexy. Don't fall prey to the idea that to be sexy you must be skimpy like a pair of g-string or thong panties. In fact I think boy shorts are the sexiest panty made as they hug a woman's figure, show off every part of a woman's lower region to its best advantage and is very comfortable to boot. Truth is the healthier and happier a woman is the sexier she is!

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