Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lingerie Football League...no joke!

We're all very familiar with the NFL or National Football League-- with teams ranging from the Dallas Cowboys (Flirty Lingerie favorite) to the New England Patriots (Tom Brady, oh my!) But until recently I can't say that I knew the LFL or Lingerie Football League existed outside of every male fantasy.

It looks as though the LFL season will kick-off this September with Fox Mobile securing exclusve rights to stream directly to viewers mobile phones with interviews, behind-the scenes footage and video clips. Ten franchises (including the Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction, Denver Dream, Chicago Bliss, etc.)will compete in games throughout a 20-week season.

Some say the LFL is simply objectivication of women, but my initial thoughts are that the uniforms are too cute...let's be honest, what do you think lingerie purveyors would say!? I'm not sure how well the "sport" may do in terms of ratings/fans/following-- what do you think? Guys, would you or your friends sit down and watch? Girls, what are your thoughts? I know there are plenty who are thinking to themselves right now, "Where can I tryout?!"

Apparently Foxers is the official uniform designer for the League but Flirty Lingerie is brainstorming new team uniforms as we speak. Stay tuned...we might be hooked!

--Lauren R. @ Flirty Lingerie!