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Bettie Page - Iconic figure dead at age 85

Bettie Page, model who helped define lingerie and nude modeling for a generation has died. Bettie Page was instantly recognizable with her page boy hair cut, black hair and innocent fact with a smoking hot body and the ability to model nude or near nude and not appear dirty or scandalous.

Her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of then-fledgling Playboy magazine, as well as controversial sadomasochistic poses. The latter helped contribute to her mysterious disappearance from the public eye, which lasted decades and included years during which she battled mental illness and became a born-again Christian.

The 21st century indeed had people remembering her just as she was. She became the subject of songs, biographies, Web sites, comic books, movies and documentaries. A new generation of fans bought thousands of copies of her photos, and some feminists hailed her as a pioneer of women's liberation. Gretchen Mol portrayed her in 2005's "The Notorious Bettie Page" and Paige Richards had the role in 2004's "Bettie Page: Dark Angel." Page herself took part in the 1998 documentary "Betty Page: Pinup Queen."

Her career began in October 1950 when she took a break from her job as a secretary in New York office for a walk along the beach at Coney Island. An amateur photographer named Jerry Tibbs admired the 27-year-old's firm, curvy body and asked her to pose.

Looking back on the career that followed, she told Playboy in 1998, "I never thought it was shameful. I felt normal. It's just that it was much better than pounding a typewriter eight hours a day, which gets monotonous." Nudity didn't bother her, she said, explaining: "God approves of nudity. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were naked as jaybirds."

In 1951, Page fell under the influence of a photographer and his sister who specialized in S&M. They cut her hair into the dark bangs that became her signature and posed her in spiked heels and little else. She was photographed with a whip in her hand, and in one session she was spread-eagled between two trees, her feet dangling. "I thought my arms and legs would come out of their sockets," she said later. Moralists denounced the photos as perversion, and Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee, Page's home state, launched a congressional investigation.

Page quickly retreated from public view, later saying she was hounded by federal agents who waved her nude photos in her face. She also said she believed that, at age 34, her days as "the girl with the perfect figure" were nearly over. She moved to Florida in 1957 and married a much younger man, as an early marriage to her high school sweetheart had ended in divorce. Her second marriage also failed, as did a third, and she suffered a nervous breakdown.

Life grew more turbulent in later years

In 1959, she was lying on a sea wall in Key West when she saw a church with a white neon cross on top. She walked inside and became a born-again Christian. After attending Bible school, she wanted to serve as a missionary but was turned down because she had been divorced. Instead, she worked full-time for evangelist Billy Graham's ministry.

A move to Southern California in 1979 brought more troubles. She was arrested after an altercation with her landlady, and doctors who examined her determined she had acute schizophrenia. She spent 20 months in a state mental hospital in San Bernardino. A fight with another landlord resulted in her arrest, but she was found not guilty because of insanity. She was placed under state supervision for eight years.

"She had a very turbulent life," Todd Mueller, a family friend and autograph seller, told The Associated Press on Thursday. "She had a temper to her." Mueller said he first met Page after tracking her down in the 1990s and persuaded her to do an autograph signing event.

Story from msnbc.com

What does your Lingerie say about you?

The lingerie you wear says a lot about you. But what exactly does the lingerie you wear say about you as a person? What does your lingerie say about you gives you tips and suggestions on finding and wearing sexy lingerie so you can be hot and sexy. The type of lingerie you wear may say something about your relationships and how you feel about yourself. Sexy lingerie is more than clothing as lingerie expresses your sexuality as well as your taste, sense of style and limits.

So what does the lingerie you are wearing say about you? Many women wear cute and flirty lingerie with polka dots, bows, horizontal or vertical lines. It says they are young, enjoy wearing matching bras and panties and have a keen sense of color. Colorful lingerie is youth oriented, great for teens and young women who aren't concerned about their lingerie showing through their clothing. Can you imagine a 50 year old woman wearing this lingerie? Of course not as we associate the bold colors of pink, blue, red and other primary colors as being worn by young women and girls.

Boyshorts are definitely not for boys as the cut belongs on a woman's body and while these are full cut panties they fit well on a young girls body but older women love them too. Full coverage can be sexy especially when they are body hugging, slimming and cover all of a woman's torso that aren't covered by thongs,g-strings and even bikini's.

Sheer panties are definitely for the more mature woman as they evoke images of Betty Page, the 40's and 50's and steamy lingerie. Sheer panties are see through but the sheer, stretch mesh hugs her body and lends a shadow on her body making her sexy and sensuous. Sheer lingerie tends to be lingerie for an older woman but don't assume that means women of any age can't or don't wear them. Sheer lingerie is a classic look and women of all ages can pull off wearing it without a problem.

Lingerie that covers a woman's body but hides nothing is all about sexy lingerie. Sheer lingerie manages to give full coverage and yet cover nothing at all is naughty and conservative, if that is possible. Sheer lingerie adds a little mystery to a woman's body, hides many flaws but draws ones eyes towards it.

Corsets are an article of lingerie that is worn by a woman who doesn't hesitate to express her sexuality or her breasts. Corsets are meant to draw in the waist for that hour glass figure and push her breasts up and out with spill out cleavage. A woman wearing a corset is going to look very feminine and what ever her breast size is, it will appear larger and fuller. Long stares and looks will inevitably follow as men and women will be attracted to this timeless look and who can resist looking at a woman's breast that are fully covered but emphasized in such a manner?

How about a woman who wears flashy patterns, colors and bold prints under her clothes? She is flirtatious, seeking and enjoying attention and makes a fashion statement with her panties and bras. These animal prints, geometric designs and hot colors make her stand out in a crowd if there is a crowd in her bedroom or under her skirt? These colors and designs are reserved for women who enjoy the attention wearing sexy lingerie gives them.

Women who wear the skimpiest of g-strings and thongs are sexy and confident and they have to be as these sexy panties are the opposite of full coverage. They cover the tiniest areas of a woman's body and she has nowhere to hide. There is not a possibility of a vpl or visible panty line. Men love them as they don't hide anything from view and women love them because they feel like they aren't wearing any panties at all. Wearing these sexy panties also means you are current on lingerie fashions as these are the panties young women are wearing under the latest fashions, skirts, dresses and jeans. They are the next thing to not wearing any panties at all. That trend will likely continue as todays fashions are skimpier, slinkier and less forgiving than ever before. Younger and younger women are wearing less and less in terms of panties and sexy clothing and that is a good thing.

The World's Sexiest Lingerie Models

Choosing the worlds sexiest Lingerie models isn't easy as they must do more than model lingerie. The world's sexiest lingerie models must possess the bodies to make the lingerie look sexy. Lingerie models are sexy women and while they may model swim suits, pose nude or even model sexy shoes, in our hearts they are at their best being lingerie models. In no particular order we present some of the sexiest women in the world doing what they do best, modeling sexy lingerie.

Unlike runway models who are often stick thin, flat chested and waifish in appearance, many of these models are busty, curvy and gorgeous. Famous in their own rights, lingerie models may model lingerie lines from throughout the world and since they are often in their bras and panties they must have that flawless body as the camera does not lie.

Adriana Lima:

Adriana Francesca Lima is a Brazilian supermodel. Lima is best known for her modeling work with Victoria's Secret and Maybelline. Lima is often cited by popular media as one of the world's sexiest women.

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson is one of a long list of lingerie models who have had breast enhancements. In early 2006, Atkinson underwent breast enlargement surgery, which took her bra size to a 34D. She said in an interview that she lost weight due to a fitness regime but her bust slowly declined. The surgery then gave them the original shape they once were."

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder was spotted by freelance photographer Lee Earle while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach in the summer of 2003; as a result of the photographs taken that day, she signed a professional modeling contract with The Daily Star.

Joanna Krupa:

Joanna Krupa is a Model from Poland.

Laetitia Marie Laure Casta

Laetitia Marie Laure Casta is a French supermodel and actress.Casta was the official face of L'Oréal, Dior, and Chanel. Laetitia Casta has appeared on over 100 magazine covers and has been credited, along with Tyra Banks, and a few others, with bringing back the notion of the voluptuous models.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine's Day

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine's Day is the perfect gift for the lover in your life. Sexy lingerie is a perfect Valentine's Day gift that says I want to Love you in a way no other gift can. Unmistakably the most erotic gift a man can give a woman, lingerie is the universal symbol for Love and perhaps even Lust.

OK you are still considering candy, a card, maybe dinner and hopefully diamonds for the woman in your life. Great, but don't neglect to get her some sexy lingerie. You will be glad you did and she will get the message. It is a mistake not to buy her lingerie! A woman expects a gift of intimacy for Valentine's Day and chocolate is not intimate. Intimate does not need to mean trashy, slutty lingerie. It does mean something that a man gives a woman he loves in a romantic way. Shoes, clothing and sex toys can all qualify for an intimate gift but Lingerie may be the most romantic.

So who was this Saint Valentine and why was a holiday named after him? Well like a lot of historical figures there is some mystery as to who Saint Valentine was. One version claims he was a priest that defied a Roman emperor who had outlawed marriage by secretly marrying young men and women. That Saint Valentine was put to death for violating the Emperor's dictate.

Buy her a sexy chemise that qualifies as romantic but not over the top sexy. Chemises are lingerie many women want to wear to bed as they are subtlely sexy but refined as they don't show all the goods but she can sleep comfortably in one.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

-Pablo Neruda, "Love Sonnet XVII"

Valentine's Day or rather Valentine's Night is for lover's and you better be prepared to play the expectations game. Love, romance or whatever you call what goes on between a man and a woman or a man and a man, woman and a woman is a feeling and feelings are extremely important. If you are in a relationship you better know what is expected of you, or else! Romance has rules and if you break the rules someone is going to get hurt. Be it a card, dinner, candy, balloons or jewelry Valentine's Day is the day to express your feelings about her or him. Money can be, but usually isn't the point. Sure an expensive diamond necklace is a great expression of your feelings for your wife. But so is a date at a local Bistro with a glass of wine. Something from the heart always works. A billboard that says I Love You, Katie! across the street from where she works will be a lifetime memory, in part because her friends and co-workers can see it. How about cooking a real meal for a change and you do the dishes! How about a gift of a massage for the both of you?

But what about lingerie? She is worth lingerie and the message you send when you say I bought you this sexy lingerie is unmistakable. Romance, yes! Subtle, not so much! Just be sure you make it as memorable as you can. Don't just give her lingerie with the expectation of getting lucky. Be romantic, make the day, the entire day memorable. Hide a note in her purse that is endearing, romantic and puts her in the mood for romance, not just sex! Make her feel special just because she is special. Don't forget that there are other women in the office who will get a dozen roses or comment on where their husbands are taking them to dinner. Valentine's Day is a day to express your romantic feelings about her, so express! After this evening she should remember why she chose to spend time with you, not wonder who is that putz on the couch watching reruns!