Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Lingerie if for Sexy Girls!

Christmas lingerie doesn't go under the tree as it is not the right thing to open in front of the kids or your parents. Christmas lingerie should be given to your wife or girlfriend anytime except on Christmas day. Of course if you don't have kids or aren't celebrating opening gifts with the family then go right ahead and open up that special gift along with the other gifts you are receiving.

When we think of the Holidays we don't often think of sexy lingerie, crotchless panties and sexy high heels but then times have changed and it is certainly time to change your traditions. Sexy lingerie is perfect for anniversaries, honeymoons, vacations and homecomings. So why not Christmas?

Sure Christmas is a religious holiday for Christians, a time for family, kids and Christmas dinner. So where does romance, sex, exotic and erotic lingerie find a place against these other important needs? First many of us have time off from work and the more "me" time you have the better. Lingerie is all about intimacy and romance and reconnecting with your mate. Many couples who are complaining about the status of their relationship say that the romance has gone out of their lives. This is easy when you have a baby, career and family to think about. Thus the connection is clearly there and needs to be exploited to the limits. Consider giving your mate something sexy for the holidays but it doesn't need to be limited to a babydoll or panties. Consider your relationship and romance or your marriage or more is at risk. Failing to take care of your lover or wife or husband is one sure way to watch it deteriorate into divorce or discord.

Am I saying give your lover sexy lingerie or else? In a way yes! Yes taking care of your relationship is extremely important to be sure. Giving lingerie is not although it is a sign or indication of what is going on in a relationship. The good news giving her a gift is not what is necessary but giving her something is important. That something does not need to be clothing or lingerie. Thinking about her is the issue. Thinking about her enough to pick up a magazine at the drug store or buying her a card just because is the issue. Listening to her is important as she will tell you what is going on with her but the question is are you listening?

Christmas lingerie does not go under the tree as it is a personal gift that needs to be left between the two of you, not with grandma, grandpa, little joey and joannie. The failure to understand that often is the problem. Perhaps you don't give her lingerie for Christmas. Well the only ones that lose out are the lingerie sellers. On the other hand when do you think of her and for what reason? Chances are there is someone who may be thinking of her and that is where problems creep into the relationship. Think about it! Please!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothing!

Ovulating women buy sexier clothing according to a recent study by University of Minnesota. According to the study women who are ovulating are attempting to compete with other women. "If you look more desirable than your competition, you are more likely to stand out".

Apparently non ovulating women made differant choices than ovulating women suggesting that ovulating women were attempting to attract the most desirable males in the area. What are we to make of this study? Along with pheromones it is possible that women and perhaps men are attracted to the opposite sex by unconscious signals that include scent as well as the 5-6 days monthly when a woman is at her fertile best. What can we expect? Perhaps commercials that target women who ovulating and suggesting that now is the time to head to their local sexy clothing and perhaps lingerie boutique or online site to purchase the sexiest outfit. Doesn't this tie in with the perceptions of many men and women that sexual arousal is tied to a man or woman's appearance including clothes.

Perhaps women are dressing for more than themselves when they wear a mini skirt or sexy outfit. But didn't we sense this all along? The study thought suggests that the desire to purchase sexy or sexier clothing is unconscious so she is not aware of it and the male may not either be aware of the attraction although he surely is not unaware that a woman in sexy attire is well, sexy or sexier.

During her five or six day ovulation she is profoundly influenced by her "condition" in regards to her retail behaviour. In effect she is more likely to buy and wear items on the sexy end of the scale. What are we to make of all of this? Do you not have moods, desires, incentives that are not really a little out of the ordinary or is your personality so set and established you can account for every thought and move? Is it really so out of the question that our hormones, genetic makeup and "time of the month control more than water retention, so what does it all mean? Perhaps nothing as this is only one study. On the other hand we are animals after all and over thousands of years of development we often believe that we are superior to animals and these unconscious acts are all about someone else. Regardless, men and women behave the way they do for reasons, possibly completely randomly or there may be a cause and effect which will surely create more food for thought.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why do Women Love to Wear Sexy Lingerie ?

Why do women want to wear sexy lingerie and why do men want their women to wear it? What causes a woman to want to wear lingerie, look sexy and expose their bodies to men? The answers to these may not be as obvious as it appears?

1. Tradition: What does tradition have to do with it anyway? Well why don't American women wear a burka or a kimono or perhaps grass skirts? Yes I know most women in this country don't wear any of those with the exception of the burka. But women have been wearing babydolls since the 1950's and sexy panties at least since the late 19th century. Tradition has a lot to do with what men and women wear and there is a tradition issue for a lot of lingerie such as stockings, garter belts and so much more. Variations of traditional undergarments make up a lot of women have under their skirts or what they wear in the bedroom. Although styles have changed dramatically there are still many traditions that girls who turn into women feel compelled to follow. Many of women's concepts of sexy lingerie and clothing have evolved over many decades and even a couple of centuries resulting in what she will wear tonight.

2. Popular Culture: What women and men see on television or the movies forms much of what they want to wear or see others wear. MTV, BET, Charlie's Angel's, Kill Bill are just a few of the images that have influenced what women wear in terms of sexy costumes, lingerie, shoes and boots. The skimpier, skankier, sluttier and suggestive they are, the more some women want to find that sexy lingerie, erotic clothing and suggestive outerwear. The media truly suggests to all of us what is cool, hot and sexy particularly when a gorgeous woman with a great body is seen wearing the item.

3. Porn: Ok, admit it guys if you see it in a porn movie being worn by the likes of a busty porn star then why shouldn't your wife look good in it? If it looks great on Jenna Jameson then it sells. She is hot and sexy and she has to wear something for some time doesn't she? While some of the outfits are fairly extreme we offer much of it or many items identical or nearly like it and they are best sellers.

4. Strip Joints: Who else but the strippers and dancers have pushed the envelope when it comes to provocative wear whether it be outerwear, not so much and lingerie? Sexy lingerie and stripper wear are often synonomous as they are skimpy, colorful and worn snug and suggestive.

5. The internet has encouraged the explosion of sexy lingerie sites that is much akin to the porn sites that supported the internet since its inception. Sexy lingerie like porn is at home at the internet as men and women can buy sexy stuff that their neighbors or children don't have to see. You don't have to park in front of a shady establishment and approach a sales clerk to buy a pair of sheer, crotchless panties. Anonynimity is salvation to the lingerie business as you don't have to let anyone know you are a closet fetish fan or enjoy wearing women's panties.

6. Why though do women want to wear sexy lingerie is partially answered by one through five as accessibility. The easier it is to find, the less expensive, the more frequently it is seen the liklihood is greater that women and men will want to buy the product. But why are women more inclined to buy and wear this stuff? Perhaps most simply because it is more accepted than ever. We see women 18 and older buying crotchless pantyhose, panties, micro mini skirts and 5 inch heels every year. Unlike older women they are conditioned to accept these items as normal, near normal and useful. Useful in that they are wearable in and often outside the bedroom. The men in their lives want them and often encourage these women to look outrageously sexy and arousing, at least in the bedroom. They have no or few objections to buying the sexy in lingerie. Social norms have changed in many ways. There may not be many frontiers to explore but that doesn't stop some women from trying.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curvy Women Demand Sexy Plus Size Lingerie !

Sexy plus size lingerie is what curvy women demand and often they don't get it and the reason may be far from obvious. Sexy plus size lingerie is supposed to make curvy women look and more importantly feel sexy and wanted but does it always reach the need?

While it should be simple enough, create sexy lingerie that curvy women want to wear and that makes them look their sexy best. Often though the sexy plus size lingerie isn't designed with a curvy woman's body in mind. Too often it is just a larger version of the better selling misses sizes and can actually result in a curvy woman looking anything but sexy. Fortunately more and more lingerie designers are daring to make sexy lingerie sexier and that is a good thing for plus size women.

This plus size crotchless boyshort is an example of creating a panty that is not afraid to show off a plus size woman's body.
Part of wearing sexy lingerie is showing off your body and plus size women are no different, are they? Many designers seem to think so and herein is the problem. There is very little sexy about sexy lingerie that does not expose a woman's body. The extent to which it does so is simply up to the woman!

Certainly this plus size crotchless panty leaves little to the imagination and also shows off this curvy woman's natural curves which is the best part. The point I am trying to make is if a woman wants to buy a silk babydoll that shows off little more than some dresses then that is great, her choice. What is often missing in sexy lingerie for plus size women is the show all, exotic lingerie that men love women to wear and often is just not available. If she wants to be extremely that is great as well.

Curvy plus size women are entitled to the choice of just how sexy she wants to look and my bet is that there are more and more plus size women who want to express their sexuality with a sexy plus size sheer babydoll that is see through, and doesn't hide but exposes her sexy body and she has a very sexy body and hiding it would be a crime.

Do we want or need to hide large women's bodies from view, particularly from their husbands and boyfriends? Do we thinks a plus size woman's body should be shielded from view as it has some rolls of fat or too much cleavage or simply doesn't meet our standards of what a woman's body should look like? What is it about a plus size woman's body that bothers us? It is true that a regular sized woman's body has little to any excess fat so is that the standard? If so, and I think it clearly is, then what are we to do with a plus size womans body? Well in the lingerie business the solution is to photograph plus size women who represent the well toned, size 12's and maybe size 10's and drape them in lingerie and hope the buying public doesn't care, cares but not enough to complain or complains but nobody listens to them anyway. The truth is there are some very dirty little secrets about plus size women and lingerie.

One secret is that plus size women really love large flowers in gaudy colors all over their lingerie. The truth is some women may love that but isn't it curious that slimmer women are usually not offered the same options and why not if it is so special?

Men Love Women who wear Open Cup Lingerie

Open cup lingerie is synonomous with open bust and cupless lingerie and they all get the same reaction from men. Call it open cup lingerie or even open bust lingerie but the effect is still the same as it exposes many men's favorite woman's body part and many women love the thought of stimulating their man to distraction.

But why, some ask should I purchase a garment that has the bra removed and the reason is quite simple. Wearing a garment with the bra removed showcases the area that is removed and the bra covers the breasts and there is your answer. Open cup lingerie is one of Flirty Lingerie's top sellers and the women can't seem to get enough of them.

Remember if you over think this subject you will simply miss the point. There are garments worn to work and they must be appropriate, business like, provide warmth, coverage and be moderately fashionable. Wearing only a thong and a bra will surely result in some discipline or dismissal but who doesn't get it that the clothes you wear to work must fit in with everyone else, more or less. On the other hand lingerie worn in the bedroom has a different function and one of those functions is stimulating one or both partners so open cup lingerie is a perfect solution to that age old problem- what can I wear to turn my husband on?

The open cup shelf bra is a great example of an open cup lingerie garment that women want to wear and they can and do wear it to work, clubs and wherever they go as it can be worn under clothing giving her a fuller, firmer and perkier looking breasts and what woman doesn't want that? The shelf bra acts well, like a shelf that her breasts rest upon pusing them up and out that makes a stunning silhouette under a blouse or sweater and no one needs to know except that she has a great rack.

While many women love the shelf bra it may be too much of a good thing and in that case she might consider the open tip peek a boo bra which covers all of her breasts except the nipples. Like the shelf bra that can be worn in the bedroom for special viewing or under outerwear so that only she and special vip's are aware of her state of undress.

There are many examples of these sexy open cup lingerie garments but perhaps one of the sexiest is the cupless leopard romper teddy which shows a lot but is still cute, flirty and sexy and that is asking a lot from a piece of lingerie.

Best Selling Sex Toys from Flirty Lingerie!

The best selling sex toys from Flirty Lingerie will make your wife or girlfriend very happy and not in a ha ha way. Sex Toys come in many different styles, colors and functions but one thing is for sure they are intended to improve a woman's, man's or couples sex lives.

So you know what sex toys are and also what they are intended to do but what are the sex toys you ought to buy? Well this is where it gets a lot tougher as there are a lot of sex toys out there. First is the rabbit vibrator which is no longer a new product but is certainly one of the most popular sex toys and for good reason.

The rabbit is also known as a dual action vibrator as it is a clitoral stimulator and a vaginal vibrator as it has "rabbit ears" to tickle the clit and rotating beads to massage the vagina. Most every woman should have a rabbit as it works like magic and is sure to stimulate her to orgasm. The next sex toy that is a must buy is the remote control vibrating panty and while it is a simple combination of thong or brief panty coupled with a bullet vibrator that rests against the clitoris, the combination has resulted in some of the strongest sales the sex toy industry has seen in recent years.

The wedge sex furniture is what you need to improve your sex positions as it raises her buttocks off the bed placing her at a very comfortable height and position for the best sex you have ever had. The wedge is a soft, cushioned pillow that is ideal for couples who want to master the act or men and women who have back problems and desire a sex aid that does the job.

Since oral sex is so very popular it won't surprise you that gag reflex numbing drops are a couples favorite. The numbing drops help her reduce the gag reflex allowing her to perform oral sex with minimal discomfort and maximum excitement for him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Panties are Seriously Sexy Lingerie

Women and men have a love with panties and they are seriously sexy lingerie women love to wear. Seriously sexy panties are no laughing matter as these panties are revealing, sensual garments that increase the temperature in the room whether you see them or not. It used to be that the panties women wore was a closely held secret and that largely hasn't changed although with all the cameras, phones with cameras and video recorders around it is not unusual to have a celebrity or two caught exposing their undergarments. Sales of sexy panties are up and the trend will likely continue for some time.

Exotic panties are just that, unusual one of a kind panties that not every woman should wear. These are not your grandmothers panties and while that is a good thing, they really aren't for every woman as it may be beyond her comfort zone. A pair of frilly, lacy and skimpy pair of panties aren't for everyday wear for most women as they are reserved for special occasions whenever she deems that may be.

New clothes can make a woman feel happy, content as they are a form of self expression, always have been, always will be. Panties like these lace up panties priced at $12.99 will make her very happy as they are ultra feminine and will make her look sexy as well as adventurous at the same time.

Unlike many other styles of lingerie panties are a garment that every woman wears and wears a lot. It partially explains why there are so many varied styles of panties on the market. This sheer lace up panty priced at $11.99 is another naughty pair of panties that women have fallen in love with as the styling is simple, color is perfect and the item is priced to sell.

Many women though are not anxious to wear such obviously sexy panties and still want to look and feel special and this sheer low rise thongs priced at $9.99.

No wonder men love giving panties as gifts like this Valentine's Day Panty in red, of course. There is no doubt that the love affair with women and panties is in no danger of cooling off. The momentary fad of going commando or not wearing panties may continue with a small number of women but that too shall pass.

With all of the selection of panties how do women choose which one to purchase. Do they prefer a sexy thong or perhaps a g string or maybe even a pair of boyshorts? Many women love thongs while others are somewhat disgusted by the string thing. Others buy the style of panty depending on what they are going to be wearing it with as in women who want to avoid the vpl-visible panty line at all costs. Some women buy the panty for coverage under short skirts, costumes and where and when they want to cover everything as modesty demands. Regardless of the reasons the panty serves many purposes in so many colors, styles and fabrics.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sexy Lingerie for the Summer!

What kind of sexy lingerie do women wear in the summer months when it is often hot and steamy, night and day? Sexy lingerie for the summer months is imperative as romance simply heats up in the months of june, july and august. The first response might be no lingerie as it is too hot to wear a lot of clothes, much less lingerie. Well that might be correct as most everyone wears less in the summer, shorts versus pants, no hose versus pantyhose, short sleeves versus long sleeves. But back to lingerie! What kind of lingeris sells well in the hot months of the year?

sheer fringed panties priced at $24.99 look like they would be a cool item to wear on those long, simmering nights that seem to go on forever, don't you think?

Sheer lingerie is popular no matter what time of year as it is see through, after all and it keeps you cool and seductive looking night and day. The sheer stretch babydoll is priced at $28.99.

Doesn't this look cool and well, comforting? Perhaps but one thing for sure it is in line with the sexy, seductive lingerie of summer. The sheer fishnet booty shorts set is in turquoise at $19.99.

What would summer be like without a sexy pair of sexy crotchless panties especially under a sexy mini skirt or short shorts to make a summer evening a very special one.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do You Squidoo? Flirty Lingerie Do! So Should You!

Are you familiar with Squidoo? Squidoo is a community of bloggers or mini bloggers or at Squidoo they are called Lenses and the authors are Lensmasters. We got started there a couple of years back and we have compiled a number of lenses on subject related to lingerie and clothing. We would like to link to those lenses, there are a lot of them to let more people know about our lenses and feel free to take a look. You will also find some very interesting lenses on just about everything and many of them are truly awesome. No kidding! We invite you to see our lenses and take a look around the thousands upon thousands of other Squidoo lenses!

Sexy Bridal Lingerie

Plus Size Lingerie

Sexy Bodystockings for Women

Club Wear Fashions

Sexy and Daring Costumes

Exotic Lingerie for Women

Sexy Garter Belts

Latex Clothing is Sexy Club Wear

We will publish some additional links in the near future! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lingerie from Seven Til Midnight is Seriously Sexy!

Seven til Midnight is a lingerie maker that has come out with their 2010 catalog and it is some of the sexiest lingerie we have seen in a good while. Since we deal with numerous lingerie manufacturers we believe Seven til Midnight is now making some of the most marketable, fashion forward lingerie in the industry. All of our lingerie manufacturers are carefully and none of them are slackers, quite the contrary, but at this point in time we are very impressed with Seven til Midnight and Carrie Amber.

What makes them so good? A lot of things go into making high quality lingerie and marketing it to the public. Lets begin with the designers who after all dream up the styles, colors, cuts of the product. Then there are the photographers who take the shots of the girls in their sexy underwear. Choosing the models is, in my mind one of the trickiest jobs as judged by the quality of some of the makers while others seem to struggle. STM is doing a great job as the consumer can only judge by what they see as opposed to a retail store where the buyer can try on the item, touch it, fell it and judge for themselves. Plus size lingerie is a perfect example of the quality garment, beautiful woman and photography combining to make for a best selling item.

Sexy thongs are usually top sellers but the job to sell them gets easier when the vendor covers all the bases and provides images that allow the customer to make an informed decision. STM is not just a lingerie makes though as they carry a full line of sexy costumes that are in tune with the market of young women who want to buy sexy and cute costumes in the right styles and colors.

Look for a lot more of Seven til Midnight on our site as we will carry their full line and we expect a great response to this quality lingerie and costume line.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Vendors at Flirty Lingerie

Sorry for the failure to post in way too long. We have been in our Christmas and Valentine's season so it have been outrageous. With all the news on the economy we wonder what is going to happen to the lingerie business but sex and romance are much like food and water, almost.

We are so excited about our new vendors who supply us with the lingerie, sex toys and clubwear as well as costumes. While we love our "old" suppliers, many of them with us since 1999, we welcome the new girls on the block who seem to find new and innovative ways to create and recreate the word sexy.

Titlion is a maker of some of the sexiest, naughtiest panties you will find and the price points are awesome. These are not your grandmothers or even your mothers panties, for sure. They are skimpy, sinful, suggestive and oh yes, sexy. We love them and you will too so take a look at our slutty panties for some of the hottest women's panties anywhere.

Seven til Midnight is a mixture of flirty and feminine lingerie and then it goes to the naughty which is exactly why we asked them to join us and they have an awesome collection including costumes. They have very wearable, cute and girly panties that you will want to wear again and again with babydolls, chemises, bra and bra sets and we can never get enough bras. They use color which is so cool as many of our vendors use black and hot colors, STM uses pastels and softer colors including yellows and blues which so many girls ask for but often can't find. We look for great things from them, for sure.

Shame is the newest of our vendors and they are smokin hot with sheer lingerie and everyone knows that sheer is so very sexy. Something about seeing through the garments that makes them so appealing and Shame has a huge selection of the most suggestive and seriously erotic lingerie as well as some clubwear. Most of their products are for his eyes only although the more risks you want to take the Shame catalog will have what you are looking for. They are located in Dallas, Texas which is, of course home to America's team, the Dallas Cowboys. How bout them cowboys?

How about Espiral? Well we have had our eye on Espiral for some time and we finally got off our butts and brought them into our collections. They have some of the hottest club wear available and you will love their price points as well. From skirts to dresses to tops and panties, costumes too. These folks are great at what they do and one look and you will want to try their clothing and lingerie on. Located in Miami, Florida and with its roots in Latin America this is an up and coming company with designers who have exquisite skills and know what girls want to wear and be seen wearing. Take a look at some of the sexy club dresses created by our partners at Espiral.

Stay tuned for more of the changes coming at Flirtylingerie.com !