Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas: Lingerie or a Sweater?

Christmas: Lingerie or a sweater is a dilemna men face every holiday. Does your lover prefer a sweater or sexy lingerie for Christmas? Sexy lingerie or a sweater? Maybe a toaster, or a gift certificate to the mall. Has the romance sputtered out of your romantic relationship? Well the answers to those and many other pressing questions is right here in our first annual Christmas: Lingerie or a sweater?

Christmas is a time for family, Christmas is for kids, Christmas is a time for peace and good will towards men. So the answer to the age old question, Christmas: Lingerie or a Sweater? is a sweater. Who wants to open a gift in front of the kids, grandma and mom and dad to find a sexy crotchless panty and matching open cup bra? Can anyone spell embarrasing? So the answer is surely sweater, right? Christmas is a time of running around buying gifts, cooking, entertaining and wrapping gifts, right? Romance is for Valentine's or maybe an anniversary, possibly on the that vacation a man and a woman take after they retire, correct? Well pilgrims, the answer is Christmas is a time to light the fires of romance, rekindle the bonds of sensuality between the two of you. Fact is you better buy her something personal, meaningful and from the heart. So run out and drop a couple of bucks on a bracelet, earrings, necklace or a leather coat, but don't forget the romance, lest you be looking for another mate down the road. Huh? Am I suggesting that if you don't buy her some sexy lingerie you will be getting a divorce or a seperation? No, of course not! Just that why miss this opportunity to connect with your mate at a special time of year.

Fact is, Christmas is not generally looked at as a time for romance. Christmas is looked at as a time for family, which is sometimes the exact opposite of romance. So what to do? Well here are a few suggestions:

First of all buy her a sweater. But, please look to see if she really needs one, or is it just that the store in the mall needs to sell a couple of thousand more sweaters. Point is- Be thoughtful! Buy her a coat, sweater, gloves, or whatever she likes, needs or perhaps even wants. Be generous, but by all means be thoughtful.

Second, buy her some lingerie. Why, you ask? Because it is a very personal gift as you are really saying "I want to see you in this outfit, only just you and I". This is pretty thoughtful, and very personal. But she doesn't like, or she doesn't wear lingerie, you say. Well, here is where getting thoughtful comes in. She loves lingerie! Yes, she loves lingerie as every woman loves pretty things, useful things, thoughtful gifts. But when you have bought lingerie in the past, it ends up in the lingerie drawer never to be seen again! So why should I buy her that again? The answer is obvious, did you buy her what she likes, or what you like? Did you do a little research, or wander into the lingerie department at the department store in the mall, and think that was enough.

The mistake many men make in buying lingerie is they are lousy buyers. In other words, they know little about the subject except what they like to see a woman wearing, possibly what they saw in Playboy, Maxim or any other men's magazine. But, do they know what the woman in their life wants? Do they talk with their wife or girlfriend about wht she likes and dislikes in lingerie? Not likely. So what is a man to do?

1. Get to know a little about lingerie! What is a babydoll? What is a camisole set? What kind of lingerie do women with small breasts prefer as opposed to women with large breasts? Is there a difference? What sizes does your wife, or girlfriend wear? What is her favorite color? Where does she buy her bras, panties, hosiery or intimate apparel? Damn, this is a lot of information to get and how do I get it? Relax! Take it one step at a time, and the rest will follow. The next time she goes out to the grocery store, or wherever, take a look in her lingerie/hosiery drawers. In between the nude pictures of her former boyfriends, just kidding, write down her bra size from a bra you know she presently wears, not that sexy model she wore on the date you got to third base on, you dog! Is there a label? Where does she shop? Come on, you have seen enough episodes of Miami, CSI , dig for the evidence, you will be justly rewarded! 5-10 minutes of poking around will give you most of what you need. You will need to know her bra size, panty or jeans/slacks size, weight, height and waist size. Don't get all silly if you don't get it all, but remember when you are buying something for your girl, telling the woman in the lingerie store, or online that she is about that tall won't really help much. Now, make sure the information is safely in your wallet, and onto step two.

Step Two: On the daring scale, where does your girl reside? The daring scale? Call it what you like, it is the degree of comfort level she has with her body, lingerie, risk taking, whatever. Why is this important? Because it is crazy buying her an outfit that she doesn't like, won't wear and thinks you are crazy for buying. Don't force her to wear something you lust after, that she can hardly bring herself to wear. This will come back to haunt you in the form of she may wear it once, and either take it back, or sentence it to 50 years in the back of the closet. That is not to say you buy her a pair of granny panties and a flannel night gown either. Some women may take a gift of a micro mini skirt and crotchless panties and ask when are we going to the nightclub, while others, most others are at least a little reluctant to wear revealing lingerie. Take into account her upbringing, sense of modesty, body image and take it slow. You both can have a terrific time on a slow, smoldering train, as much as on the fast track as long as you are both comfortable, and the issue here is her comfort. After all, she is the one being asked to parade around in skimpy panties, with her boobs, butt and vital parts on display, so show some compassion, as well as passion.

Now, step three: Educate thyself. Remember you can give a man a fish and he eats for a day, while if you teach him how to fish he can eat for a lifetime. Huh? Back to the story. Lingerie, girl or wife, what does she like, what do you like, what would make an appropriate gift. The biggest mistake I see men make when it comes to buying lingerie is "total and complete ignorance". And no wonder. Men rarely shop for the women in their lives. When they do, anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day, christmas, they are usually on a limited time schedule, and they are often poor shoppers. They come ill prepared. They don't know sizes? How can you not know the size of your wifes breasts? How can you not know the size of panties she wears. Come on now, this is where the battle is often lost. No wonder many of the lingerie gifts are a problem. No one wants to get a gift that doesn't fit! Who wants an article of clothing that is too tight, is the wrong color, or fits like a person twice her size should be wearing it. So, come on guys, get with it.

Take a look on the internet and look at the selection of what they have. Call a site that has a toll free number and ask a couple of questions. Drop into a store in your town that carries sexy lingerie and again, ask some questions. Now, here we may have a problem. How do you feel asking that sales girl about sexy lingerie? How do you feel about asking that woman behind the counter about their selection of crotchless panties, breast enhancers or push up bras? Be honest now. If it isn't a problem, go forth and procreate! If it is, stick around cause we are gonna fix it.

Next, step four: crawl before you walk! I thought we were talking about lingerie. Don't buy a boatload of lingerie until and unless you have first determined your skill level. In your trip/s to the lingerie or sex toys store, or in your visits to your favorite website, you should be getting an idea of what she likes, what you like, and the field should narrow. In my experience, not every woman likes every article of lingerie ever made. Many women love panties, or bras, sexy sleepwear, certain brands. Every couple takes a walk on the wild side every now and then, and your walk may be wilder than the next couples, or milder. Where is your relationships sexual and emotional comfort zone? Think about it. The clues are there for the looking? Does she go into seclusion if you recommend an adult movie? Does she offer to wear a body hugging top, no bra, no panties and a micro mini skirt to the church social? Do you have teenagers that critique every thing you and she do? Is she modest, are you modest? Do you wish she would dress like a pop singer who wears no panties? The answer to these and more appropriate questions will tell you much about what to buy her, and then you decide how much to invade her comfort zone, as she may want to be a bit more adventurous in the bedroom, yet maintain her dignity in the boardroom.

Next: Broaden her and your description of what lingerie is, and where it should be worn. Some lingerie items are only for the privacy of your bedroom. Other lingerie can be worn out in the evening or to clubs or movies. Finally, other lingerie can and should be worn wherever she finds herself. You may belong to the club that says, lingerie is for the bedroom only. We are in the 21st century, and many occasions call for sexy clothing, much of it previously relegated for the bedroom. Wherever your comfort zone is, and her comfort zone is, know that over time it will change, and likely get broader. Styles change and so do we.

Men's Favorite Lingerie - Sexy or Slutty

Is men's favorite lingerie sexy or slutty lingerie? What difference does it make if a men's favorite lingerie is slutty or sexy lingerie? Why should we care what are men's favorite lingerie items? Simply put, many,but not all women wear lingerie for the men in their lives. Even if a woman doesn't wear lingerie for a man, men's ideas of what is sexy is at least interesting, and perhaps instructional. It is said that men are more visual than women. What does that mean? Does it mean men use visual methods of determining which women are good for breeding? Or men engage in and enjoy visual media like magazines and videos which depict sexual images or sexual contact? Historically men judge who they will mate with on the basis of appearance more than women? Whatever the truth is, and for what good it does, the truth is men love to see women whether they be dressed or undressed. The comedian , Ron "Tater Salad" White says in his act something to the effect of " once you see one woman naked, well you wanna see them all naked"!

This isn't the place to argue about human evolution, whether men are more visual than women, and what arouses men. The truth is that lingerie is a lubricant in the human sexual machine. Lingerie is sexy clothing, and we girls can learn something about what looks good, and not so good from what men like. Forget about whether we wear sexy panties for men, for women or for ourselves. Accept the fact that panties can be utilitarian as in a cloth covering used for sanitary purposes, or much more than that, as in erotic clothing used to arouse and stimulate emotion. Don't forget, this isn't a scientific study, girls, as I am getting a lot of my input from my husband, his friends and other men in our circle of friends. Is it conclusive, no, but I think much of it has value, as their opinions, and my experiences may be interesting and possibly even educational. On second thought I don't think they rise to the level of educational, but they are fun to write about.

First, lets start at the beginning. That beginning is sexy panties, as they are what women likely put on first in the morning! Today, less is more and the same can be said for panties. When the contest is what are men's favorite panties? Thongs and g-strings are the winner. A thong exposes a woman's butt, and that is a good thing. The wisp of fabric that frames a woman's bottom is provocative and appealing. You say that you don't have the butt for it, well get over it! There is nothing worse that a pair of full bottom, full back granny panties. Full coverage is simply wrong. Remember we are looking at this subject from a man's perspective and showing off your assets is paramount. If you are of the school that thongs are mere butt floss, and you don't like how they feel climbing between your cheeks, remember the name of the article. We are talking about men's favorite lingerie, and the clear winner is thongs and g-strings over granny panties. Nothing turns a man off more than the sight of a pair of nude panties the size of New Jersey that hang between the belly button and the upper thigh with enough fabric to cover the car in the driveway. Hence, the name granny panties.

Thongs are the most popular women's panties and this is a relatively recent development. Bikini panties were the sexy panties of a couple of generations ago, but now the thong is king, or queen. Somewhere in there is the g-string pantie as a skimpier cousin of the thong. While some men find a woman's breasts as their favorite female body part, many are butt lovers, and who can blame them. The thong exposes the female butt unlike any bra can accent the breasts. Thongs are a mere wisp of fabric that covers the nether region in front with a small amount of cloth, but leaves the back end of a woman completely exposed. The term whale tail
was coined to describe the look of a woman's back with the thong or g-string pantie peeking out as it can be said to look like a whales tail. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay, at least until another fashion trend appears. Showing off your thong panties may be fading in popularity as exposing your coin slot, or the cleavage between your butt cheeks is now considered trampy in some circles. Men, though seem to love the sight of a woman's whale tail or coin slot. Go figure!

The exception to the thong supremacy is sheer panties. Sheer panties can have fuller coverage as they cover and they don't cover. What? Well, sheer fabric makes a woman's body look positively exquisite. Exquisite? Yes, I said it, so run out and buy sheer panties and ask the guy in your life what he thinks. I guarantee he will love them for the way they look and feel. Sinfully sexy and sheerly sensuous. Don't argue with me, just do it and gauge the reaction. Sheer fabric is a staple in the lingerie business and the reason is year in and year out, sheer sells! A sheer pair of panties under a short skirt is a voyeurs paradise. Sheer fabric is very sexy and every woman should have at least one pair of sheer black panties, even fishnet will do. Remember panties are sexy lingerie, and nothing will please him like you showing him your new pair of thongs or sheer panties.

Since we are on the subject of panties, how can we ignore the crotchless panties ?What is the point you ask? The point is these crotchless panties may be outside your comfort zone, right? Well, he will love the thought of his girl wearing naughty panties that only you and he know have a strategically open crotch. They are made in a variety of styles and colors, and are hugely popular online. Order them online and no one has to know except the two of you, and I promise it will improve your relationship, or at least improve the heat in your romance thermometer. We will leave the subject of vibrating panties for another time, as that is a whole nother enchilada.

Bras are the next essential lingerie item, and luckily girls, they come in all shapes and sizes. Again one sure winner is the sheer underwire bra. They are available everywhere, as women buy them as they show off your breasts, offer support and spill out cleavage. Lace bras are a perennial favorite as well as they are feminine and sexy. But, again men are dogs, and they love the shelf bras and boob out bras. Shelf bras are exactly what the name implies. The bra is more of a shelf than a full coverage bra. You will feel sinful with this bra on underneath your blouse or sweater. The obvious benefit is that your nipples are exposed, and every man loves a pair of headlights in plain view. Boob out bras also give the same effect with only the nipples or nipple area exposed. The boob out bra offers more support than the shelf bra, so you decide. He will love you for either choice.

Before we leave bras and panties, the truth is the choices of bras and panties are awesome, even overwhelming. Experiment with your choices, but if the budget is tight, go for the gold. A sexy pair of panties and a sinfully sheer bra can be the basis of a sexy outfit and he will never tire of looking at the package. After all you are covering the two essential areas of a woman's body, and it is difficult to go wrong as long as you keep in mind that sexy is a pretty simple concept to most men. Simply put, make it sheer, skimpy, short or tight. Black is generally the best color, and try to get a good spandex mix for comfort and fit. Remember, these sexy bits of apparel should perform double duty. Wear them under your work clothes, not just for a romantic evening. Make them a matching set and you both will enjoy them for a long time. Take some time to shop for lingerie with the combination of sex appeal, comfort and functionality. Yes, enjoy the sexy lingerie, wear it and show it off!

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