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Women Love Men Who Wear Sexy Underwear!

Women love men who wear men's sexy underwear as women appreciate the way it makes a man look. Sexy underwear for men is a subject many women discuss with their girlfriends and the men in their lives and they indicate they wish men would wear the sexy underwear more often.

Few will disagree that women wear sexy underwear, panties and bras for themselves as well as the men in their lives. Men on the other hand rarely wear sexy underwear for themselves or more importantly the women in their lives. Perhaps it is fear, embarrassment or just habit but men often appear in the bedroom wearing those ugly tighty whities or even boxers while they expect the woman in their lives to wear skimpy panties, crotch less panties and open bust bras and lingerie. Are men lazy, frightened or just unaccustomed to wearing sexy underwear? While it is unrealistic to expect that men would wear sexy underwear as often as women, at least in the short term, isn't it time for men to step it up? Without going into too much detail women are used to being sex objects and while many enjoy being put on a pedestal others find it demeaning and sexist. Men though are guilty of putting many women on that sexual object pedestal by insisting, suggesting or demanding that the girl in his life wear naughty underwear and often not so shyly suggesting that his girl show off in public as though she was a trophy. So why can't a man show off his package at least in the bedroom?

I don't do that kind of stuff, or I am not gay or I look hot without wearing man panties or sexy underwear are just some of the excuses men make when it comes to wearing hot and sexy underwear for men. We do not live in a culture that starts conditioning men at an early age that they take care of their skin, hair and bodies the way women do. Plenty of men work out look and smell good but we persist in thinking that only gay men wear sexy underwear or take care of themselves. Even if only partially true this is a very sad statement about and for men. No one wants men to become women as women have that very well in hand. On the other hand many women want the men in their lives to take more care in their appearance and often men shrug it off successfully.

Sexy men's underwear is not a revolutionary concept as many men including sexy gay men indeed take better care of their appearance than straight men. This is the subject of many jokes and anecdotes as many men and women consider that a good looking man must be gay and they are often correct. A man who is well groomed, hair, skin, and teeth as well as impeccably groomed is a homosexual. Somehow straight men are left to be something less and the straight women who want a heterosexual man in her life must often wish he were "more gay". After all if taking care of oneself is a gay characteristic then why not wish for more gay men in the world.

Straight men are lazy both physically and in terms of the time spent looking sexy for the woman in their lives. While it doesn't take much time to buy some sexy underwear most men don't bother. They will often allow their girlfriends or wives to do the shopping for them as though they were little children. While this is not all straight men, gay men seem to relish doing the shopping for themselves and the results are obvious. This is not about bashing straight men and exalting the virtues of gay men but on the other hand straight men don't often listen to their girl friends and wives. Wearing sexy underwear or men's lingerie to a man is really not that different than a woman wearing sexy lingerie. Men need to get more comfortable with their own sexuality or as it is often put get in touch with their feminine side. In doing so he sends her a message that it is important to him how he looks to her and what she thinks of him in sexual terms. Here are a couple of things a man can do to increase his sexual quotient with the woman he loves.

1. Don't wear a thong unless you have the body for it and you probably don't! I didn't say wear clown shoes just because she asks you to so keep some of your dignity if you have any after winning the belching and farting contest.

2. Do wear bun huggers or those men's underwear that is similar to a woman's boy shorts. They are half way between briefs and boxers only snug and make you look like you have a big penis! Every guy wants a bigger penis and every woman wants a man who has a big penis. Forget that stuff about size doesn't matter unless you still believe politicians don't lie constantly.

3. Shave your privates as it makes your package look cleaner and bigger. There is that word again bigger. Even if your girl doesn't tell you she has never faked an orgasm you aren't dumb enough to believe it are you?

4. Buy some muscle shirts, snug fitting t-shirts in many colors and throw away those ill fitting t-shirts that you got from the Dodgers when they won the pennant in 1907. They look ratty, you look ratty and when she wakes up she sees you in it and she runs into the bathroom to barf. You thought she was on her period. Gee you will believe anything, won't you?

5. If you have a beard, lose it. If you let your facial hair grow trim it daily, yes daily. If you have a mustache lose it you look like a porn star and not one with a big wanker.

6. Trim the nose hair, hair in your ears and trim those eyebrows. Do you want a girlfriend with a unibrow or a mustache?

7. Go to a hair stylist! Find a gorgeous one who will lie to you to get extra tips but if your girlfriend likes it tell her your hair stylist is hot and she won't believe you. If she finally meets the hair stylist you can always tell her you told her the hair stylist was gorgeous.

8. Smell good- all the time! I did not say put a bottle of cologne on you every morning I said smell good all the time. Perhaps the smell of soap turns her on, perhaps the cologne or perhaps the smell of beer on your breath.

9. Get a robe and join the 21st century. Get a nice summer and winter robe. Do you notice all the hot guys wear them in the movies? Wear it open with your hot manties underneath. Manties are man panties, get used to the name and embrace it as it is you.

10. If you have body hair get rid of it, now! Get up and get rid of it now! Women don't love man hair, no one loves man hair particularly the gross thatch on one's back or chest. Have it removed and rationalize the pain as the price of being a hot guy.

11. Brush your teeth! Floss your teeth and put the toilet seat down!

12. Wear boxers sparingly but wear them. Have a black pair, burgundy, dark green and dark blue. All masculine colors.

13. Start smoking a pipe- just kidding! Don't smoke a cigar in your girlfriends face! Don't belch, fart or otherwise emit noises from orifices.

14. Occasionally don't wear any underwear at all! Show her you have some mystery as you take your pants off and your Johnson plops out, or for most of you guys plips out.

15. Wear a men's thong that has a built in cock ring that will keep you semi hard and make you look like that dream she had about the pool boy the other night that she didn't tell you about. I know I said don't wear a thong, just don't wear a regular thong is what I said.

If you follow all of my suggestions either your wife or girlfriend will be in lust with you all of the time or most all other women will be and you won't need her anyway.

Garter Belt- How to and Where to Wear a Garter Belt

How to wear a garter belt and where to wear a garter belt is explained here. A garter belt is worn to hold your stockings up on your legs. The garter belt has been used by women for ages in an attempt to wear stockings comfortably and to keep the stockings from sagging or falling down around her ankles.

Garter belts are made of different fabrics and are held up in a variety of ways as well. The garter belt of previous decades as well as centuries did not have the benefit of the "miracle" fabrics we are accustomed to today. I am referring to stretch lycra spandex that stretches to fit and women wear frequently in many garments. In the past the garter belt with often made of satin or a brocade fabric with no stretch whatsoever. Thus the garter belt had to fit snugly in order to do its job. The closures often consisted of hook and eye closures also found on other foundation garments of the time like girdles and corsets. The garter belt was worn just above the hips or lower waist as it is today. Today though the content of many garter belts is often made of a high content of spandex allowing many more inexpensive garter belts to have no closures at all as the garment is pulled on and fits much like a pair of high waisted panties. Many women find these cheaper garter belts to be novelty like as they may not hold up her stockings all day where she is walking, sitting and standing constantly.

Garter belts have hangers ranging from four usually to as many as 6 or even 8 on occasion. These hangers literally hand from the belt via stretch straps and at the end is a fastener to hook onto the top of the stockings. The fastener is generally a metal eyelet that reduces down to grasp the stocking and keep it in place on the woman's thighs. These are strategically placed on her legs to keep the stockings up and in place.

Where a woman wears a sexy garter belt is dependant on a lot of factors all up to her. Garter belts fell out of fashion in the early 1960's in large part due to the arrival of pantyhose. Millions of women threw their garter belts away as they were at least in part viewed as uncomfortable and unwelcome now that a one piece marvel known as pantyhose had arrived. No more taking the time to put the garter belt on, adjust her stockings and then have the hangers or the garter belt itself show through tight or clingy dresses. Skirt were another matter as the stockings often allowed her thighs to be exposed which was considered unacceptable.

Today women wear garter belts in a limited number of settings as many women don't bother wearing pantyhose anymore and garter belts have a stigma attached to them. While not entirely negative the stigma is as a result of the "reputation" of sorts that has attached to the garter belt. Since the garter belt was fashionable, then discarded the reemergence has left some remnants. Garter belts are considered retro lingerie to most and simply too sexually charged for some. In other words wearing garter belts means something more than simply getting dressed. They are superfluous to most in that either wear no hosiery or pantyhose but why wear garter belts and stockings. It is just this association that causes the garter belt to be such a necessary accessory in a sexy lingerie wardrobe.

Not to be forgotten is the skirtini which is a garter belt with a sexy, flirty skirt that is usually sheer or stretch lace and is hardly a skirt at all but certainly resembles one.

How to Buy Lingerie for your Sexy Body!

How to buy lingerie for your body is a guide on what to look for when purchasing sexy lingerie. Women need some help when it comes to how to buy sexy lingerie for their body unless they are a perfect 36-24-36 with a tan; no body fat and an unlimited budget then go directly to as we are waiting for you.

The purpose of lingerie is arguably to make a woman look or appear sexier than she already is, give her self confidence being "nearly" naked and promote healthy body images. Now while that is an ambitious agenda the truth is done correctly buying the right lingerie can go a long ways toward accomplishing these things. Unfortunately many women and men do not go into buying lingerie in this manner. It is often "I need something sexy for my vacation". While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, it doesn't address what will make her look her best, project her sexuality in an assertive, positive manner and arouse both her and her mate. Often men are worse in that they simply want their girlfriend to wear some hideous outfit that simply exposes her breasts, butt and sexual region with no concern as to how she feels about herself parading around in a "clown" outfit disguised as sexy lingerie. It isn't sexy if it doesn't allow the wearer to feel sexy. There isn't much sexy about a woman who is embarrassed, ashamed or feeling ridiculous in a garment.

Buying lingerie for your body requires knowing your body and what you do and don't like about it. Ask yourself "what do I love, like and hate about my body". Once you answer that question for yourself or your mate then let’s get to the next step. Some women don't love their ______________(fill in the blank) for one reason or another. Some will say stomach, thighs, nose, weight or any other of a number of body parts that they don't like. Other will say they love their breasts, stomach, legs, neck or another set of parts and you should buy garments to accentuate the good parts and avoid garments that show off the bad parts. No, this is not rocket science but amazingly many women and even more men ignore the basic rule.

As an example if you love your breasts either because they are big, perfectly formed, and perky or just perfect that consider a corset. Corsets push your breasts up and out and draw eyes towards them while slimming your waist giving you that hour glass figure. If you are a plus size gal then don't by all means purchase flowing, blousy, tent like lingerie. Wear structured, snug fitting garments like corsets and body stockings. Wear a skimpy skirt that defines your waist and stockings that elongate your torso. Consider wearing high heels that give you height and proportionality.

Color is an essential consideration as well as often times your favorite color may not be your friend in your underwear. Black is your friend and white is your enemy. The exception to this is of course dark skinned women and women with a good tan. The color is not good because your skin tones will look so hot in white while a pasty, fluorescent white skin with a white teddy will look washed out.

Fit is also very important but lingerie is not meant to be worn all day and is supposed to be body flattering. So snug, not tight is great. The reason so much lingerie is made with spandex or cut smaller is that you are going to be showing off the goods, honey. While there is loose, flowing, comfortable lingerie we aren't concerned with it here and may or may not fall into the granny panty category and that is not sexy. Don't fall prey to the idea that to be sexy you must be skimpy like a pair of g-string or thong panties. In fact I think boy shorts are the sexiest panty made as they hug a woman's figure, show off every part of a woman's lower region to its best advantage and is very comfortable to boot. Truth is the healthier and happier a woman is the sexier she is!

Sexy Lingerie Articles for your reading enjoyment

We offer sexy lingerie articles for your reading pleasure and education. Who reads sexy lingerie articles you ask and the answer is anyone who enjoys sexy lingerie or better put anyone who has a pulse. While most people buy lingerie don't give much thought to the lingerie or who makes it or how you can buy lingerie that best suits your body type, others want all the information they can get.

We offer sexy lingerie articles on so many subjects you won't have the time to read them all. Some of the articles are suggested by customers who enjoy burlesque, thus the article Burlesque - The Art of the Strip Tease . Burlesque and lingerie are intertwined due in part to the naughty stripping that some performers engage in during the act but Burlesque is so much more. Actually anything naughty has something to do with lingerie or so it seems.

Often time men come into our boutique or ask us online to help them shop for their wives and girlfriends. In partial response to that we wrote the article Men Buying Lingerie - The Do's and Don'ts Part I . While men aren't dumb and they know what they like to see their girlfriends wear in the bedroom they don't always know their sizes or styles and a little professional help is always a plus. Buying lingerie is one of those things that people, particularly women think is easy as after all they are women and they wear lingerie so what is the big deal? No big deal but often a woman has certain "problem areas" or special requests that need to be addressed so that special occasion goes off without a hitch.

Speaking of special occasion’s lingerie is a special occasion item without a doubt. Who can think of a honeymoon, Valentine's Day, anniversary or romantic weekend or vacation and not think of lingerie? That is right, lingerie is a universal item forever associated with romance and sex! Perhaps that is one of the reasons we wrote What Lingerie do I take on my Special Vacation? . Couples go on vacation for a lot of reasons but one of them is certainly to be alone, enjoy each others company, see sights, enjoy great food and have sex! Who can argue with that? So it is a great idea to be prepared for the evening, the romance and oh yeah, the great sex!

But what if you can't get away and you need to get away? Well there is always the bedroom with the doors closed and the kids heavily sedated. Just kidding about the closed doors. Setting the Mood for a Romantic Evening was written for every couple to get away at home or in a hotel room or a public park if that is your thing. We know what sexy lingerie is used for and that is often to initiate romance, to set the mood and to send that unmistakable message "take me"! So we write about everything we and our staff can think of that has to do with, about and surrounding lingerie.

How about going shopping with your lover, husband or boy friend as a means of starting the romance off in a different way? Sexy Lingerie Shopping with a Lover or Husband is a guide on how to enjoy shopping on a whole new dimension. Shopping is just shopping until you are buying or browsing in a sexy lingerie store with the partner who is going to spend the evening with you and hopefully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don't forget that we also write about another world of romance and that is our Sex Toy Articles that explore all of the aspects of the source of so much happiness for couples. Sex toys are a subject many don't know much about but would like to learn.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plus Size Lingerie Models are the Sexiest!

While many may disagree I think plus size models are the sexiest models you can find and the reasons have to do a lot with how healthy they look. Plus size models are the sexiest models because they look normal, full of life and vibrant in comparison many fashion models look emaciated, hungry, angry and unhappy. I realize the prevailing opinion is that fashion models are among the sexiest women on the planet but when you look at plus size models they simply appear much healthier. Now you may think I am putting this picture here to make my point and of course you are correct. Emaciated, unhappy and rather forlorn, don't you agree. Contast that with any one of the plus size models whose photos appear here. Would the fashion model appear happier if she had a smile on her face? Sure she would but that doesn't change the fact that she simply looks unhealthy, sick and sad. Perhaps she is coached to look that way as it is supposed to look sexier but to me it simply looks tragic.

This gorgeous woman n the other hand is "normal" except for the fact that she is well, gorgeous! Sorry I shouldn't use the term gorgeous twice in the same sentence! Plus size models enjoy the label of being sexiest models as they are real, genuine and not suffering from anorexia or bulemia or any other eating disorder thus they have real breasts, hips, thighs and stomachs and yes they are size 14, 16 and up. Or are they? There is a definite controversy over whether plus size models are really plus size. The answer in my opinion is not always. So what? Things don't usually change overnight and it has taken the media, manufacturers and the fashion world a good long while to change and they are still in the process of changing but change they must. We all know that plus sized women are underserved in the clothing and particularly lingerie business. Perceptions need to change and the pace is too slow for most plus size women. But does seeing that not all plus size women are size 14, 16 or above serve the cause. I think not as there needs to be a combination of patience and concerted demands for continued change.

A recent controversy has added a new dimension to the plus size model acceptance issue involving Lane Bryant, a plus size clothing and underwear retailer who wanted to broadcast an ad during American Idol and Dancing with the Stars featuring plus size models who happen to have big breasts. Is it that women with big breasts are the problem, not that they are plus size? Plenty of women have big breasts and of course many models and celebrities have enhanced breasts as well. It appears plus size models get it coming and going and now the size of a models breasts have to be reviewed before an ad can make it in prime time. Is this for real?