Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Valentine's Night from Flirty Lingerie!

Flirty Lingerie is excited about Valentine's Night! When someone says have a Happy Valentines Day, correct them and say no, have a Happy Valentine's Night! Valentine's Night is when the fun begins, or ends and you know it. While it may not be politically correct to say it, the truth is you know that Valentine's Night is what Valentine's Day is all about.

Since you were a child you were taught to exchange Valentine's cards with your little class mates. The cards were endearing cards that asked your friends to be your Valentine! You bought little heart candies that had romantic words and sayings such as Be Mine, Sweetheart and Love You! Fine for a fifth grader, but you aren't a fifth grader anymore. You are all grown up, and Valentine's Night is meant just for you!

Valentine's Night is all about adults!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Valentine's Night!

Happy Valentines' Day should really be Happy Valentine's Night for couples. Happy Valentine's Night is more appropriate as Valentines is celebrated at night, at dinner, or even in bed. I suggest you look at this from a more realistic perspective. Valentines Day is all about romance! Valentines Day has really nothing to do with the day, but rather the night. Anyone who has been in love, searching for love, or simply thinking about Love on Valentines Day knows exactly what I mean. Don't deny it cause you know it is true.

For those who don't get what I mean, let me explain! Valentines Day is about chocolate which is renowned for its erotic and potentially aphrodisiac value. Flowers are a symbol of romance and are given as a symbol of friendship, and so much more. Sexy lingerie is simply about romance and an evening filled with erotic thoughts and behaviour. What about that romantic dinner? What about that extravagant gift of diamonds or jewels? The gifts given during the day, or cards exchanged during daylight hours are all about what one or both hopes or believes will occur after the sun goes down, thus why I say that Valentines Day is all about Valentines Night.

To be sure, Valentine's is anticipated by many, and dreaded by others. Many people do not have a Valentine on Valentine's Night. Admit it, it may be you, as it was once me. On Valentines Day you see it, and actually for many weeks prior. The commercials such as every Kiss begins with K!, or are you getting her or him candy, a card, jewelry, or maybe even a car for Valentines Day? To be sure the day has become like a lot of special days, just another reason for Hallmark to design a card. I even saw a card on a Mexican food restaurant that said " Celebrate Valentines Day with us! That is not to say that eating Mexican food on Valentines Day is inappropriate, it may be a wonderful idea, but I just never thought of it as particularly romantic.

How do I suggest you celebrate Valentine's Night? Well, I think you know that it must contain some sexy lingerie. But it should start with acts of love and kindness that will make the sexy lingerie an even better idea. Consider these ideas! I believe in inexpensive ideas, just lots of them: Go to his or her work and fill their car with balloons! Yes, fill it! I will never forget when my boyfriend did this for me. All my friends at work were so excited to see my face when I saw it, and passers by honked and I was embarrased in a totally delighted way. Arrange for him or her to get a special delivery- preferably not flowers. Try cookie bouquets and while telling him or her you love them, also tell them not to bring them home as they are for her/him and their work mates to share.

How about the good old sign displayed on the way home. While some areas do not allow them, many still let you rent a small sign for the day with a special message for the Valentines girl or guy. Here's a good one. Order their favorite food or other item and have it special delivered via Fed Ex. My husband will NEVER forget when I arraned to have Randy's Donuts from Inglewood California Fed Exe'd to arrive on the day. The people at Randy's were awesome. Remember the huge donut that towers over the donut shop in Los Angeles? You have seen it in movies, tv, print, almost everywhere as it is a cultural landmark. Well, the donuts are perfect, if not a very guilty pleasure. Imagine his or her surprise when their special pizza from John's Pizza in Greenwich Village in New York shows up! Wow! How about their special cheese cake from The Cheesecak Factory? The list is endless and you know what she or he really loves! Almost all of them have websites, or of course a phone!

Finally, make sure the final surprise of the evening is sexy underwear from