Friday, May 3, 2013

Do Men want to wear Sexy Lingerie?

The question that asks do men want to wear mens sexy lingerie is one that can be answered in a couple of ways. Few men want to wear sexy lingerie as it is for women, right? True enough sexy lingerie is predominantly for women as it has been marketed that way. Sexy seems to be primarily a word most associate with women, not men. Sure, we often refer to a man as being sexy but that is because he has washboard abs or takes care of his skin, hair or body but not because of the arousing clothing or "lingerie" he wears. Lingerie is for girls and any article that suggests otherwise is just silly or stupid, right? This thing about unisex clothing is not for everyone and lingerie is a girly thing and we are all ok with that. Well, perhaps yes, perhaps no.
Lace is a feminine thing, for girls or women and not for men. Exposing one's body is largely for women, not for men. We place a great deal of emphasis on a woman's breasts or butt, not so much, if at all for men and definitely for his penis. This is accepted fact in our society. No one wants to see a man's penis, flacid or erect, especially erect. Well, while I don't disagree, I do see a double standard but one that I don't see changing, now or ever. Sure in some ancient societies men were viewed as sex symbols but in our modern society we are content with putting a woman on a pedestal and exposing her body in multiple magazines and television shows while men are showcased in muscle magazines and such but there are not really any competitors to Playboy, Penthouse and other skin mags. That is alright as mens bodies are fine but their sexual organs should not be exposed, right?

Well maybe it is only a matter of time as we have seen pantyhose for men, primarily for warmth but for some, for fashion. There is a small movement for men to wear kilts outside of Scotland and only for ceremonial purposes but again that is limited to a small, small number of men. Women, it seems are ok with this state of affairs as a man wearing a thong is certainly not as accepted for men as it is for women. There is a certain yuck factor when it comes to a man with or without a hairy butt wearing a thong and exposing his rear end. Somethings just shouldn't change, now should they?
When reviewing multiple catalogs recently in anticipation of updating our online listings there was much of the same things. Gorgeous women with firm breasts and butts exposing various parts of their bodies in multiple colors, although primarily black. Girls wearing high heels and no more than a pair of panties. Arms behind their heads, on their waists or one arm behind her head and the other behind or at her side. Yawn, same old thing.

That was until I saw some "new" thongs in stretch lace and the model looked slender and firm, but something was indeed different. There was a bulge in the models panties and there were no breasts or at least flat, firm and muscled breasts. What, that is a man in those stretch boy shorts and yes, he has a penis but it is not highlighted in any way. What the heck is this? Men's lace boy shorts, not unlike we sell to thousands of women. What the heck is going on? We are adding a couple of images of these sexy boy shorts for men and wonder what you think?
At first glance I wondered are our customers going to buy these sexy mens underwear? Who will buy they sexy manties? Are men secure enough to wear what heretofore has been a traditional women's fabric? Sure we have all heard of men who wear women's panties for a variety of reasons. Some men enjoy wearing womens panties because the act of wearing a womans garment is arousing to some men, and there is nothing really wrong with that. Cross dressers wear womens garments, outerwear and underwear. But will men wear underwear made specifically for them as there is a bit of a cup in these manties making room for his jewels. Thus they are made for men and made to be worn by men.
Without a doubt these are sexy and the addition of a penis only make them more so, at least for women, right? Can men accept them, and perhaps more importantly, can women accept them on men? Would a man be seen wearing them, as in a gym dressing room or other dressing room? Would he allow them to peek out from underneath his jeans? Well, I for one think they are awesome, manly and sexy at the same time. I think men need to be sexy, dress sexy to feel sexy, just like women. I don't think it is a bad thing for a man to look a little girlish as long as he remains a man. I think gay men may embrace these manties and straight men as well. Women need to tell their man that it is ok for him to wear them, as long as she thinks so. I invite your responses as perhaps you disagree. I would not be surprised to see a very vocal response to these garments. Remember they are garments and as such do not really have a voice but like many garments they do generate a response.