Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sexy Bras for Sexy Wives and Girlfriends!

Sexy bras are often overlooked and taken for granted as sexy lingerie for sexy wives and girlfriends. Sexy bras come in a number of different styles and offer girls, girlfriends and sexy wives a way to look sexy while exposing little if any skin. Sexy Bras give women support and offer the lift many need and want to look their sexy best. But what is the best bra for you? Do you want support or also some sex appeal? Do you have large breasts or small ones that don't require much support? What is more important, sex appeal or comfort?

You have read over and over that most women have ill fitting bras and while that is true, how do women allow that to happen? Are women incapable of knowing what fits and what doesn't when it comes to something as important as a bra? Are women in such a hurry that they either buy bras on the basis of their sizes years before or simply too much in a hurry to try some bras on for fitting purposes?

At least in part the problem with women and ill fitting bras is bras are not really intended to be sexy as they to be supportive. Many women simply don't like the way a properly fitting bra looks but they do like the way they feel. Are women so vain that they will buy an ill fitting bra in favor of one that looks good? No, not exactly. It is to be expected that women are not going to be wearing the correct size bra when you consider the amount of customers service many, if not all, retail stores offer. Also, how many stores have personnel who can properly size a woman's bra, as opposed to those who simply can operate a cash register? Often times the only people who are available to measure and insure that women are getting the proper sizing in bras are women in white coats who arrive for special sales and the like.

Compare that to all the stores that sell bras as well as online and you will see women are highly underserved in this area. To be sure though it doesn't seem like it requires a rocket scientist to try on a bra and get it right, does it? Like any clothing though it is essential to get a good fit to look and feel your best. Even sexy clothes should fit well to show off your assets and make you look your best when you venture out to a club or bar.