Monday, May 25, 2009

Latex Lingerie and Clothing

Have you ever worn sexy latex lingerie or latex clothing? Latex is rubber and the sales of latex clothing and latex lingerie is exploding. Statistically the answer to the question of whether you have worn latex, is less than 1% of women as most women don't even know what latex clothing is and how does it feel or look. Latex lingerie is exotic lingerie as it is unusual and even one of a kind. Sexy latex panties are often worn in a fetish setting although I suppose a woman could wear them under her skirt or jeans but these panties beg to be seen. Then there is a sexy peek a boo latex bra that screams sexy if that is your cup of tea.

Latex lingerie is lingerie that is at home at a Fetish Ball or swingers convention as it is intended to tittalate or arouse your sensations and libido. Latex leggings are leggings with a very sizeable plus.

So where does a woman wear these sexy pieces of lingerie and clubwear? The answer is clubs, dancing, Fetish Balls, Costume Parties and many many more. A few things about latex wear is it is Fetish Wear so be prepared for the looks, stares and comments on where did you get that and where can I get it? First remember that latex does not breathe. Unlike your favorite cotton blouse or wool sweater latex is certainly not a natural fabric so it will not breathe thus you will perspire as there is nowhere for the moisture to go. Thus when you take the latex off be aware that the moisture will still be there. If you are in a warm environment then you will be a lot warmer, in a hot environment, well you get the idea.

Secondly latex requires rubba wear liquid to shine it up as you see in these images. The clothing and lingerie look like a pasty white/grey when you do not use the shine fluid. Once applied the garment will shine as you like. Also keep in mind that latex is another word for rubber so when putting it on it is a good idea to use baby powder to alow it to slip on easily. Also the latex can be very thin so we advise wearing lingerie gloves to protect the latex from your long finger nails that can tear the latex, making it unwearable.

So what do you wear with your sexy latex mini skirt ?
Pairing it with a latex bra or latex crop top is a great idea. One option is to use liquid latex and create a one of a kind top in black and red or any other color combination you desire. Whatever you wear with it you will surely be the center of attention and that is what you wanted, right?