Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sexy Costumes for Halloween 2008

While it may be a little early to be thinking about Halloween, it is fun to preview the costumes and see where the vendors are going and what girls may be wearing this year. Truthfully the most popular costumes over the past couple of years are those that were very revealing, but most girls have a degree of modesty as well as no desire to expose all their gifts. Halloween used to be exclusively a children's holiday with trick or treating for candy being the highlight of the evening. In the eighties and nineties a series of poisionings, foreign objects found in candy and a general hysteria caused many parents to refuse to allow their kids to go around the neighberhood begging for candy. Who can blame a parent that fears some disturbed person in the area wants to get a mention in the newspaper and poison her child?

Schools responded and held Halloween events, then some intellectuals decided that since the holiday began as a devil worship event that schools should not participate in such a celebration. The holiday started losing its attraction for children and their parents. Enter the 18 to 30 young adult crowd, many of whom enjoyed the fun part of Halloween, but weren't about to walk around with a pillow case and yell "Trick or Treat" when the door opened. Meanwhile many lingerie manufacturers saw an opening and they ran with the ball. Enter sexy costumes, fairy tale costumes for young adults and other varieties of costumes meant to be worn by young women that were short, tight and very revealing. The rush was on to make costumes that girls wanted to wear and there is not doubt the designers have done an excellant job of making sexy costumes for every girl, or at least some of them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clubwear, Mini Skirts and Sexy Dresses

Clubwear, mini skirts and sexy dresses are a girl's favorite choices in sexy clothes. Mini skirts and sexy dresses makes for some very sexy clubwear which is any sexy clothing a girl chooses to wear. In case you don't know what clubwear is and apparently a lot of people don't either it is a term used by the clothing industry to describe what women might choose to wear to a club or bar for the purposes of dancing, meeting men and perhaps having a drink or two. It tends to be sexy which means low cut, short, tight and very revealing. While not all clubwear meets this criteria, most does and many women love it as it shows off her body and is also very appealing to men. Sexy clothes , sexy dresses and mini skirts are just a couple of examples of clubwear. The term clubwear is intended to cover a lot of articles of clothing that are provocative, daring and totally sexy. While these clubwear items can be worn on the street, they expose more than you may want to show at noon at the local Fatburger.

So where do you start in choosing items that you can wear to the clubs? Lets start with a dress, or a
sexy mini dress to be more exact. The modest need not apply as this sexy mini dress is short, tight and revealing with every curve of her body shown to its fullest advantage. No wonder this is a popular mini dress for clubs, dancing and drinking at your favorite watering hole.

Another example of a sexy clubwear dress is this number that offers maximum cleavage exposure and rides high on her thighs allowing dancing with no clothing getting in the way.

How about a versatile mini skirt that you can wear with a skimpy top and a pair of heels for a look that will be hard to forget. When you wear a mini skirt this short, the choice of panties is pretty important as your sexy thongs will be on display all night. If you dare to bare then this is surely the mini skirt for you.

Sexy High Heels for every occasion - almost!

Sexy high heels are made for every occasion and belong in every girl's sexy shoes wardrobe. Sexy high heels are almost perfect on most every occasion from a wedding to a trip to the clubs or bars. They are sexy on every girl and the higher the heel, the better. Problem is while they look great and make your legs look sexy, high heels are generally a pain to wear. Some high heel platform shoes are actually painful to look at, much less wear all day. Sexy high heels can be sandals or up to seven inch platforms depending on where you are going or what you may be doing. Dancers and performers love platform shoes as they make you legs look longer and shapelier than lower heels and exaggerate a woman's sex appeal. But should you wear sexy shoes everywhere? The answer is yes and no.

Few can deny that a pair of jeans and a pair of sexy pumps add sex appeal wherever you go, day or night. It is fashionable and not overtly sexual or suggestive. Women of all ages can wear jeans or slacks with a pair of high heels and drive men and women alike wild.

How about a pair of sexy sandals with a short skirt or summer dress that shows just a hint of thighs and a lot of flair and fashion sense? Sexy shoes should complement the wearer and show off her sexuality without being gross or too obvious. Everyone has seen a woman or man for that matter who is just trying too hard and did not find it attractive.

Platform shoes can be very sexy depending on the heel height ranging from five inches up to eight inches. Every woman can wear a five inch heel platform as they don't contort a woman's ankle and leg as much as you might think. Most women refuse to even try on an eight inch platform shoe and that is due to the extreme height and difficulty in walking and the stares that accompany these sexy platform shoes.

While sexy shoes aren't for the elderly or very young, most women wear them at some time, from a prom or wedding to an evening on the town. Tall women are excused as most do not want to be taller than their boyfriends or husbands. Many women who are height disadvantaged view high heels as a saviour as they add as many inches as they desire so they often put up with the aching feet that come with wearing heels. While flip flops are comfortable to wear they are not particularly attractive and besides comfort there is little positive to say about them. The great actor Fernando Lamas once said " It is better to look good, than to feel good". Truer words have never been spoken, even if he didn't really say it, although comedian Billy Crystal did - repeatedly.

Sexy Lingerie & Summer Time

Sexy lingerie and the summer time are perfect times for wearing skimpy, flirty and sexy lingerie. Wearing a flimsy skirt with sexy lingerie peeking underneath is a summer time vision that would make a picture hanging in an art gallery. Sexy Panties are the perfect sexy lingerie for summer time and those steamy nights and sweltering days. Who doesn't love a pair of skin tight panties in bright, flirty colors and patterns. Skimpy panties are hot, sexy hot that is but so are boy shorts and full back panties or bikini's. You don't want to wear a lot of clothing to bed when the evening temperatures are in the 70's, 80' or 90's. So how can you be sexy and comfortable? How do you turn him on without wearing some contraption that requires an instruction manual just to slip it on? The answer is easy and he will love it, you and you will get the picture.

Truth is lingerie is often about the message. In other words try answering the door in a sexy bodystocking and a pair of heels and what do you think he is thinking? Not that it is time to start painting the kitchen! Wearing sexy lingerie is all about how, when and where you wear sexy lingerie. Let me explain. Wear that same bodystocking under a jacket and a pencil skirt and sex is not the first thing on his mind, or yours. The point is you don't need to be overtly sexy to be sexy. Wearing a snug pair of panties after taking a shower and splashing just a little perfume can be the greatest aphrodisiac man has ever known. You don't need to break the bank to look and feel sexy. You don't have to look like a hooker either. All you need to do is consider what makes you look and feel sexy, and what does he like to see you in? If the answer is nothing, that is ok too, but sometimes it is great to break the pattern and think sexy before looking sexy. While many couples look forward to the cooler months and evenings that invite snuggling and roaring fires in the fireplace, summer time is the time where girls are already wearing short, tight short shorts and enjoying late evenings out at the clubs and outdoor restaurants and bars. What better time to take advantage of the romantic times they both can enjoy? Lingerie offers some very complementary outfits as sheer, see through and skimpy describe much of a woman's lingerie wardrobe.

Welcome to the Flirty Lingerie Blog

Welcome to the Flirty Lingerie Blog where sexy lingerie is what Flirty Lingerie is all about. Flirty lingerie is sexy lingerie and this is the place to get information on the latest styles of lingerie. Whether it be sexy panties, bras, panty and bra sets or corsets this is the place to be. If this is you first visit to our blog, or you are returning we first want to say Welcome!
While we have been slow in adding to our blog, we are committed to bringing everything lingerie to the web, our customers and readers.

Why read about sexy lingerie ? Few subjects are as compelling, interesting and down right sexy as lingerie. Women love lingerie and men love women in lingerie! Right? Well some polls reveal that younger men love women and lingerie is not all that necessary. We understand that many styles and types of lingerie and sexy lingerie are generational in nature. The polls we have seen show that younger men prefer their women in panties and a bra, or a cami top and boy shorts. This is sexy lingerie if you think about it. If a woman wears it as an under garment, then many consider that lingerie. No matter what you call it, sleepwear, underwear, lingerie or pj's, the truth is lingerie or intimate apparel is a lot of things to a lot of people.

Many women don't like the "trashy lingerie" like boob out bras, crotchless panties and lingerie that makes them look or feel slutty. Other women and men long for the look of a garter belt, stockings and a matching bra. Nobody is wrong when it comes to Lingerie, or Sexy Lingerie as if there is a difference. The truth is depending on where you live in the world and what the sexual mores of the culture will decide what is sexy lingerie. Lingerie is evolving along with our society and so are our views of women's bras and panties. Lingerie is fashion and it seems everyone who is anyone has or will soon have a lingerie line.

Maybe it is because we are in the lingerie business, but lingerie is seemingly always in the news. If nothing else it is exciting to look at, delightful to wear and everyone has an opinion about it. While many blogs have comment areas that are rarely used we hope to peak interest so that many of you will feel compelled to comment about our posts and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned!