Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is Lingerie an Aphrodisiac?

Is lingerie an aphrodisiac or what is the lure for women to wear sexy lingerie? Lingerie is an effective aphrodisiac but we don't usually look on it as a love potion or something that draws a man towards a woman. So why do women wear lingerie and does it have an effect on a man's libido?

Lingerie is, after all only clothing that women wear although it may be inappropriate for wearing in public, particularly in cold weather. Lingerie is considered by many to be superfluous, unnecessary and even a complete waste of money. So why do women continue to purchase it, wear it and perhaps even believe that it increases their sex appeal or sexual desirability? The lingerie business is a multi million dollar business and it is so routine and pervasive you can find it in virtually every mall in the country in the form of a Victoria's Secret or many department stores, not to mention the proliferation of sexy lingerie sites on the internet.

Is lingerie a continuation of the attempt by men to turn women into sex objects by making them into men's sexual fantasies? To some degree this is likely as wearing sexy lingerie does encourage men to look at women as objects of sexual desire. While true to some degree what is wrong with that? Do women solely wear sexy lingerie for the purposes of men's sexual fantasies? In part yes but this ignores how sexy lingerie makes women feel. Certainly some women wear sexy lingerie solely for the men in their lives while they get no benefits or enjoyment from the practice. On the other hand it is naive and unlikely that all women wear lingerie solely for men.

So does lingerie act as an aphrodisiac? The answer is yes and the reason may at least in part be that men are such visual creatures. Men overwhelmingly enjoy pornography as compared to women. Men enjoy seeing images of women naked or in videos or even in person in the form of strip shows and magazines. Women don't seem to be nearly as interested in images of men naked and while they do seem to enjoy male strip shows they do not engage in this form of entertainment nearly as much.

Men are at the center of women wearing sexy lingerie as they express the desire to see women in various states of undress as sexy lingerie suggests. Men's interest in sexy lingerie has little to do with the lingerie as it is really about the suggestive nature of sexy lingerie and what it represents. Sexy lingerie is not particularly important but the woman wearing the lingerie is the primary factor. Sexy lingerie suggests that a woman is ready, willing and able to engage in sexual activity. Sexy lingerie clearly sends a message to men that she desires sexual activity in a clear, unambiguous manner which is so important in today's society. This is not to be confused with men using the defense for such sexually related crimes that a woman is asking for it when she wears sexually suggestive clothing as short skirts or suggestive outer wear. Just as that defense is routinely ignored, it is not likely that a woman would argue that she was raped when she was in a situation where she was wearing overtly sexually suggestive lingerie in a bedroom with her husband or boyfriend. Nevertheless when a woman says no, regardless of her state of dress or undress a man's failure to cease and desist is still rape in virtually all jurisdictions and rightly so.

While women wear sexy lingerie for a myriad of reasons one of them is certainly to suggest or encourage sexual activity. One cannot rationally argue that a woman wearing sexy lingerie is not an aphrodisiac but that does not give a man license to do what he please with her. A woman can put on the sexiest lingerie available and even become totally naked and that does not allow a man to force her to do whatever he wants. A woman retains the right to change her mind at any time, for any reason. This is not unfair but totally fair and reasonable. This does not alter the fact that wearing sexy lingerie is an aphrodisiac as it encourages, suggests and promotes sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. In virtually all cases wearing this lingerie is the first step in encouraging sexual relations and is in the minds of women and men when sexy lingerie is purchased.

Pasties are for Bad Girls

Pasties are for bad girls, sexy girls and just girls. Bad girls love pasties as they are nipple covers that girls use in a variety of ways when wearing a bra is not good enough or simply not possible. Pasties are for girls who want to show off their boobs but not their nipples. While pasties have been around for a long, long time the latest incarnation is even sexier.

Pasties are an old school nipple cover that often had tassels that dancers swung around suggestively with the audience entranced as the dancer even made the tassels swing in opposite directions. That was then as burlesque performers and nude dancers performed in front of captivated audience that enjoyed the naked and near naked performers with fans and slow, suggestive dances that showed only portions of the female anatomy.

Today pasties still have tassels but more and more they are adhesive pasties with designs of skull and cross bones, marijuana leaves, lips, x's and many, many more. Pasties are worn by strippers, to be sure but also by girly girls who get off on exposing their breasts but not their nipples. Coincidentally or not many local ordinances do not consider a woman to be naked or topless unless her nipples are exposed. So she is nearly nude but not in violation of any local ordinances. The same is true for many topless dancers.

The explosion in popularity of these pasties is not only escaping any local popo's but simply because they are so cool looking, colorful and naughty. In the past wearnig a skimpy bra top with a bikini panty was required beach wear. That is passe' as now wearing pasties with a skimpy g-string panty is the least amount of beach wear a girl can wear without being totally naked. Pasties are certain to draw attention to a girls chest and many girls are just fine with that. Many of the pasties actually offer more coverage than some bra tops thus it is the idea more than the reality that draws girls to these pasties.

Sexy Lingerie, Stripper Wear and Shapewear

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Vedette shapewear is our newest shapewear provider as we have been asked repeatedly to carry shapewear and shapers. We know that part of being confident and self assured is looking as good as you can look and that is where shapewear is needed. Today's form fitting, flimsy and sexy styles often lead girls to want shapewear that gives them a flattering look and feel. Our sexy shapwewear is just what you are looking for in shapers, girdles and panty shapers.

Shapers and Shapewear for Sexy Girls

Shapers and shapewear are terms used to describe body shapers and girdles that shape, lift and define sexy girls bodies. Sexy girls love wearing shapers and shapewear as they help them look sexy and shapely. These undergarments are meant to shape a girls form making it look great under dresses, gowns and anything she chooses to wear. When you are looking for shapewear you might want to keep a couple of things in mind. Shapers are made for a particular purpose and thus you need to buy that shaper to deal with a single or more than one problem area. Shapers range from shaper panties to full length shapers that extend from the bust or below the bust to the upper ankles. Shapers rarely are made to shape the bust as you must wear a bra in addition to the shaper. Women accumulate fat in many areas but mainly in the stomach area, lower stomach, buttocks and thigh areas. Choosing the right shaper for you is simply a matter of what you are wearing and what area or areas you would like shaped. Many women are purchasing the mid calf body shaper which addresses problem areas from under the bust through the abdominal and buttocks area. Unfortunately shapers don't cause you to lose weight only to shape and sculpt the area for a short period of time.

Once you have decided what area or areas need shaping then the next decision you will need to make is the amount of compression you will require. Compression is simply the pressure you want the garment to assert against your body to hold it in. A general rule is you will need medium compression for minor problem areas. If you have a minimal need for shaping or compression then the medium compression will do the job. If you feel you need a good amount of compression then a strong compression garment will be required. Strong compression is generally the greatest compression you can purchase and the garment is intended to hold the area in and exert stronger compression than a medium compression garment. The febrics or materials used to provide the compression are lycra spandex, nylon or even latex rubber. The stronger compression garments generally require latex rubber to provide the least amount of stretch while spandex is going to provide the least amount of compression. An example of the strongest compression with latex rubber is the latex waist cincher which is an excellent shaper girdle to provide the most compression available.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are panties that vibrate a woman in that special place. Vibrating panties are panties that are supposed to send girls into orgasmic convulsions in private but more importantly in public. I assume by now that everyone knows about personal vibrators and millions of women use them occassionally, frequently to daily, depending on their own particular needs and desires. While vibrators have been around for many, many years it is only recently that vibrating panties have been marketed to women as well as the men in their lives.

So what women want to slip on a pair of panties with a vibrator in them and then go for a walk in the park or better yet, at the mall or other public place. The answer may surprise you as many women are wearing them right now and you would never know. This is working on a couple of different levels as vibrating panties are worn under a woman's clothing, skirt, jeans or whatever. Thus you would not normally know she was wearing a pair of vibrating panties unless she told you. Or would you? The panties can be thongs, g-strings and full bottom panties or briefs. Some have bullet vibrators that rests against her clitoris while others are remote control vibrating panties that have a controller that works up to 30 feet away. So what is the appeal?

Well first of all the obvious reason is that many women enjoy having an orgasm in bed, in the shower, kitchen, restaurant and yes, even at the mall. Unlike men, women can reach orgasm without manual stimulation and the vibrator pressing against her clitoris is the easiest method of reaching that orgasm. Couples are purchasing these remote control vibrating panties as a means of enhancing their sex life. It can be great fun to have your girlfriend or wife slip on a pair of these panties and off you go to eat, shop or stroll. The man has the control- they like that don't they? He decides when to turn on the vibrations and how powerful the vibrations shall be. When she least expects is he turns her on as well as the power and of course she has to deal with these awesome vibrations at the most unexpected times and places. Talk about being spontaneous!

Clearly these vibrating panties are not for the shy or weak of heart but many couples find this good, clean adult fun and why not? The next time you see a gorgeous woman at the mall jump for joy she may be wearing a vibrating panty and the man in her life may be aroused as well as enjoying every minute of it.