Friday, October 19, 2007

Why do I wear Sexy Lingerie?

Why do I wear sexy lingerie is an easy question to answer. I wear sexy lingerie because sexy lingerie makes me look sexy and appealing and sexy lingerie arouses my husband which makes me feel powerful and desirable. What do you think of when someone mentions lingerie? Sex, is the response many will answer. Lingerie is synonymous with romance and intimacy. Mention the word lingerie, and immediately the thought of a romantic encounter between a man and a woman comes to mind. The french word lingerie means women's intimate apparel. Intimate means, well intimate, as in panties, bras and items that women wear around or near her erogenous zones. Many men are uncomfortable going into a lingerie department or lingerie store as though every one will know why they are buying that lingerie. The thought of wearing sexy and skimpy lingerie makes many women a bit nervous, me included. Most lingerie exposes my tummy, and thighs which isn't always a good thing. I have a couple of drawers full of bra sets, teddies, thigh high hose and more, most of which was worn one time in the privacy of my bedroom, or out of the glare of anyone but my husbands eyes. So the question is why do I wear sexy lingerie?

One answer is because the men in my life have bought it for me, suggested or insisted I purchase it and as I get older I like showing off my sexuality. So there I said it! I wear it for him, more than for me. When my first boyfriend suggested I wear sexy underwear, I had the body for it, but not the inclination. After I got married, my husband went to Connecticut for a three week business trip, and came home with a silk cami tap set, which was worn only occasionally. While it was really pretty, the tap pants were not form fitting, and I didn't like the color-cream, so began the lingerie drawer.

I should draw a distinction that exists when it comes to lingerie. There is lingerie, and then there is sexy lingerie. Most every woman wears lingerie every day, whether to work, at home or out for an evening to dinner or the movies. They may not call it lingerie, as wearing a bra and panties hardly qualifies as lingerie, but in fact it is. Sexy lingerie is both a physical and spiritual definition. Huh? Well women often buy lingerie for a purpose. When the purpose is for work, or everyday wear, that, in my opinion, is lingerie or foundations .

Foundations? Yes. foundations are bras, panties and shapers formerly known as girdles and other every day underwear worn by women every day, all day from the time they get out of the shower, to the time they arrive at home and dress for the evening. Sexy lingerie is usually less supportive, more feminine, more revealing, and generally not worn to work. Sexy lingerie is what women wear when romance is on her mind, or on her man's mind. I may be wrong, but I doubt my husband will buy me a shaper if he desires an evening of romance. You think?

The lingerie I wear every day, I buy for myself, not my man, or anyone else for that matter. That lingerie needs to be comfortable, offer me support as I am a 38D bra size, and most sexy lingerie doesn't meet the requirements. Lingerie as intimate apparel is functional, comfortable and possibly sexy. While I like feeling and looking sexy, it is not a priority when I am wearing lingerie all day, and wishing I hadn't. My lingerie drawers, not my sexy lingerie drawer is full of bras, panties and hose. The primary color is black with occasional nude and white, perhaps a navy blue. My sexy lingerie drawer has reds, black and no nude.

While I might wear sexy lingerie more often if I had a "perfect body" I doubt it. Sexy lingerie is generally a novelty and everyone knows you don't need lingerie for an evening of romance. So why do I wear sexy lingerie? Because the moment I think of wearing lingerie my imagination gets a little boost. A woman in sexy lingerie is sexier than a woman in the nude. While this could create a huge argument, that is my opinion. A nude woman is very sexy, it is just that a woman in the right sexy lingerie is sexier! I know that there is a difference of opinion about this, but here is my case. If clothes make the man, then sexy lingerie makes a woman appear sexier, more desirable and alluring. Sexy lingerie is all about the visual story or drama a woman creates with the various sexy lingerie items she wear. A sexy shelf bra makes a woman's breasts look larger, and exaggerates them in a very suggestive manner, pushing them up and out. A garter belt is old school sexy that is very suggestive of a sexual being, an erotic look that is very sexy, in this context. What is sexier than a pair of panties, sheer perhaps, covering, just barely a woman's most private part and then a pair of stockings held up by the garters. The picture this woman creates is one of suggestive sexuality. Add a pair of high heels, and the look is complete.

Getting dressed in this sexy lingerie outfit is sure to put you in the mood for romance. I rarely wear a shelf bra as it exaggerates my bust, and this is reserved for special moments. While I have many sheer panties, the garter belt is truly a step back in time. Pantyhose almost threatened to relegate garter belts to the trash heap of clothing history along with nehru jackets ,and leisure suits. A garter belt takes time to put on and along with slipping on the thigh high stockings, is not quite as simple as slipping on a pair of hideous panty hose. It is impossible to look at myself in this outfit without thinking " I am sexier than before I put this on"., to say the least. I know that when he sees me in this outfit, I am hot. I feel hot, I look hot.

So why don't I wear this more often? Or outfits similar to this? I have thought about this and I think there are a couple of reasons. One is time, or spontaneity. While it doesn't take a long time to get dressed this way, I feel compelled to redo my makeup, fix my hair and get dressed so the time is a factor. Next is I feel very exposed. Obviously, right! But I also mean there is little left to the imagination here. Shelf bra, sheer panties, thigh highs and high heels. My insecurities get in the way. Once I am dressed, I do feel and look sexy, at least he thinks so. Perhaps if I was more of an exhibitionist I would go for it more often. If it is true that there is a time and a place for everything then there is a time and a place for sexy lingerie. The time and the place are generally at night, on the weekends and on vacation. Many couples, including myself have a sort of ritual for wearing sexy lingerie. Due to its charged nature, sexy lingerie sends a distinct message reserved for the lover in your life. The question some men may ask is "why don't you greet me in the evening after work at the door with a martini in one hand, wearing skimpy lingerie"? The answer is likely either "the kids will see me half naked", or perhaps "I am not the type to just dress up in lingerie because that will tell you what I want"!

The message sent by wearing sexy lingerie is unmistakably sexual or romantic. Lingerie and romance are inextricably intertwined and no one mistakes wearing lingerie for anything else. One wears sexy lingerie to encourage intimacy, but why wear it at all? Why not just go naked? Why waste the money buying lingerie when it just stays on a few minutes anyway? It is a method of expressing a woman's sexuality, showing off her erogenous zones in a flattering way. Many of the things we do are genetically wired into us as men and women. I am not suggesting that sexy lingerie is in our genetic code but expressing our needs certainly is. Wearing sexy lingerie is a ritual of sorts and the older we get the stronger the desire to engage in the ritual becomes. I wear sexy lingerie in part because everyone tells me to wear it! Television, commercials, movies, men, women, even parents all reinforce the idea of wearing lingerie for the sake of romance. I wear it for me, for him because when I am buying it I am thinking about romance, when I am wearing it there is little else one can think of other than intimacy. I associate sexy lingerie with very pleasant memories, adult encounters and adult pleasures. I wear sexy lingerie because it makes me feel good! It makes me look more feminine, more like a woman, more desirable and of course, sexy.

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