Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Valentine's Night from Flirty Lingerie!

Flirty Lingerie is excited about Valentine's Night! When someone says have a Happy Valentines Day, correct them and say no, have a Happy Valentine's Night! Valentine's Night is when the fun begins, or ends and you know it. While it may not be politically correct to say it, the truth is you know that Valentine's Night is what Valentine's Day is all about.

Since you were a child you were taught to exchange Valentine's cards with your little class mates. The cards were endearing cards that asked your friends to be your Valentine! You bought little heart candies that had romantic words and sayings such as Be Mine, Sweetheart and Love You! Fine for a fifth grader, but you aren't a fifth grader anymore. You are all grown up, and Valentine's Night is meant just for you!

Valentine's Night is all about adults!


Bubba said...

Im wondering if everyone is afraid to answer this or what. Well...I'm not. I think your right Flirty girl. Valentines Day ,or rather Valentines night IS for adults. And how can a man say "I Love you Sweetheart" more, than with some beautiful Lingerie. I'll admit, most men dont really have a clue on how to pick out some nice lingerie. Most look at it" Womens underwear!EWWWW!" haha but then again, those same guys would usually crawl thru a half block of broken glass just for a glimpse of what their sweetie was wearing under her clothes. You're right in saying most men are visual,and just to see a woman in something like what you've described...Whew!Well, I don't think I need to say more. I've looked thru the Flirty lingerie website and I will be ordering some for my sweetie.Over the years ,I've learned that when giving something as personal to a woman as lingerie, A man has to know her at least a little. I mean personality wise He's got to see if she's brash and outspoken, shy and demure, or just loves to party like an animal. He has to learn how comfortable she is with herself. That will tell him a lot on what to get her. What is a shame is that most men don't have a clue about this.
I've given Lingerie to quite a few women in my life and I've used this way to do it. Luckily every one of them has really loved what I've given them. What I like is that when they've worn it after that, they've made it a point to let me know that they have it on that day. A lot of them give me a peek too.
I think most men if not all need to just take some time out of their" Busy Day" and think about their sweetheart. Think about what they may want and go from there.
Also, wanted to say, I love yer blog and I will be back to read more.

Mens Underwear said...

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