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8 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Lingerie

Men often make 8 mistakes when buying a lover or partner lingerie , sexy clothes or corsets . Avoid making these 8 mistake that men make when buying lingerie by paying attention to this article as well as listening to the woman in your life. More than candy or flowers but way less than diamonds, women love receiving lingerie as a gift. Lingerie lasts forever or at least a very long time while candy is eaten or is fattening. Flowers wilt in a matter of days and are thrown away. Lingerie is the start of a romantic evening or evenings and tells her that you desire her sexually and that is an amazing compliment. Giving lingerie as a gift is reserved for someone who you care about, love or want to have intimate relations with so getting it is so much more than most other gifts a man gives a woman. After all you give your kids candy and your grandmother flowers so the connection with romance is unmistakable.

The problem is buying lingerie is not as easy as chocolates or roses. The choices in lingerie are fairly significant and men often fail to avoid the mistakes often associated with lingerie. Avoid these 8 mistakes and you will be happy you did!

1. Buying lingerie and forgetting who it is for!
While it sounds ridiculous it is really one of the largest mistakes men make when buying lingerie. Unless your lover, wife or girlfriend is a porn star, stripper or model then don't by any means buy her lingerie as if she were. But, you say, I want her to look sexy and I want her to fulfill my fantasies. I want her to wear it is what you should be saying and going outside her comfort zone is a bad idea. Many men come into our retail store with the same dilemna. They buy their wives or girlfriends lingerie and they wear it once and they never wear it again. What a surprise! Why would a woman wear a clown suit in Times Square just because you thought it was sexy? While that may be a little over the top the truth is women also come into our store and complain "my husband bought me this strappy contraption that I didn't even know how to wear and ......". Either she returned it or threw it in that dark hole known as her lingerie drawer. There are stories of lingerie going in there and never seeing the soft glow of the bedroom lamp ever again. Don't mess with the Lingerie Gods as they do not suffer fools easily! So rule number one should never be violated - Buy sexy lingerie for who she is and not what you want her to be. You can still get something very sexy, arousing and something that lovely creature will wear over and over and you are her prince in shining armour.

2. Not knowing her size!
While number one is important, this mistake may just take the cake. Picture this, you are all excited about buying her some sexy lingerie and you will buy some wine, maybe some cheese, maybe an adult movie and she opens the nicely wrapped lingerie and she goes into the other room to put it on and it does NOT fit. Thats right it is too small. Her body looks contorted, misshapen and well, fat. She is not amused, perhaps on the verge of tears. After all, all you did was make a mistake but she had to show you her body in this poorly chosen garment. There goes the sexy, romantic evening. Now she will forgive you but how many times will she forgive you? Know her sizes and if you don't know her sizes, don't buy her anything that risks buying her the wrong size. Truth be known if you are in a relationship with a woman and you are "romantically" involved then why in the world do you not know her sizes? At least once a week a man comes into our store and says "well she is about your size and awkwardly looks at her chest" referring to the sales girl. How is it that the sales clerk is everyman's wives size? Amazing and also not true. One day or evening this week you will be alone for a while and take a pen and paper over to her bra and panty drawer, every woman has at least one. Take down her size, remember to pick the items she presently wears, not the ones you like. Also get her night clothes sizes, babydoll, chemise, slips or whatever. Put it in your wallet and update it from time, especially if she has lost or gained weight. If you do this the 5-10 minutes you spend will pay off greatly in a short time. Knowing her sizes tells her you took the time to know that about her and she will appreciate it. It will impress the sales girl to, for whatever that is worth. Try and find things like small, medium or large as well as bra sizes 34C or panty sizes 5,7 and 9. If she is plus size look for 1X, 2X and so on.

3. Not knowing her tastes!
This one is a little harder but not too much. Simple things like her favorite color show you are on the ball, interested and caring. Picking orange when she hates orange means you are an idiot. Now I don't mean to be so critical but put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. Say your favorite pro football team is the Philadelphia Eagles and your girlfriend buys you a Dallas Cowboy jersey. Just a simple mistake? Women are very aware of color in their wardrobes thus so must you. Is she a thong girl or a boyshort girl? Some women consider g strings to be nasty and refer to them as butt floss. Other women adore the way it makes their butt look. Some women prefer to wear a pair of panties and a t-shirt to bed while others want a corset, matching panties, a pair of stockings and sexy high heels . Which one is your lover?

4. Not knowing her strong and weak points!
Aside from Heidi Klum and Pamela Sue Anderson most every woman has something about her she would change. It may be as simple as the bump on her nose to the jelly roll around her waist. From her cottage cheese thighs to her small breasts. Others love their big boobs or their flat stomachs. Whatever her strong and weak points are you need to know them and purchase accordingly. Accentuate her strong points and avoid showing off her weak points and she will love you for it. Tell the sales girl she has big boobs and she loves to show them off, or she is embarrassed about this or that. While there is no need to go into much detail you do need to use this information as much as possible. Violate her weak points and you may be spending the night on the couch watching that adult movie all by your lonesome self.

5. Expecting the sales clerk to know her tastes or what she will wear!

This is the strongest sign that a man is in over his head and likely will not survive. If you don't know what she likes and you sleep with her, who else in the whole wide world will? While it doesn't hurt to ask, hopefully you will take the well meaning sales clerks response with a grain of salt. Many of our sales girls come to the employee area amused that they should know what a woman they have never seen, much less spoken to would like to wear in the bedroom.

6. Shopping at the wrong time, under the wrong circumstances!
Don't wait until the day before or heaven forbid the day of the event whether it be Valentine's Day, the night before leaving for a vacation or the day of her anniversary to pick a gift. You are risking making a decision she, then you will regret. A thoughtful gift requires taking the time to make the right decision. I know you are busy but this is an important gift and waiting until the last minute is risky.

7. Shopping in the wrong place!
This is fairly simple. Don't go to the sex shop on Highway 10 that sells porn and buy her a boxed set that one size fits most. While these are a good value the one size fits most label is a clue. How can a garment fit someone who weighs 105 and is 5foot 2 and another woman who weighs 149 and is 5 foot 7? The answer is it probably can't or likely won't. Conversly don't go shopping at the Mall department store for lingerie as you will likely be disappointed. These stores, including Victoria's Secret are mainly foundation stores. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if you are looking for bras or panties. Victoria's Secret is a terrific store but it too has some limitations.

8. Don't know the return policies!
Most stores do not allow returns of intimate garments, particularly panties and other garments that are panty like due to Federal law. There is also the eeeeeuuuuuwwww factor as worn panties are not resellable. Some stores do not allow returns on a number of garments and it is up to you to know before you give it to your partner. If it doesn't fit and she can't return it then she may be particularly peeved at the mistake. Please be careful and follow these 8 suggestions. They are simple, straight forward and easy to follow. If you do you can thank us for the wonderful, romantic, arousing evenings to come.

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