Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What does your Lingerie say about you?

The lingerie you wear says a lot about you. But what exactly does the lingerie you wear say about you as a person? What does your lingerie say about you gives you tips and suggestions on finding and wearing sexy lingerie so you can be hot and sexy. The type of lingerie you wear may say something about your relationships and how you feel about yourself. Sexy lingerie is more than clothing as lingerie expresses your sexuality as well as your taste, sense of style and limits.

So what does the lingerie you are wearing say about you? Many women wear cute and flirty lingerie with polka dots, bows, horizontal or vertical lines. It says they are young, enjoy wearing matching bras and panties and have a keen sense of color. Colorful lingerie is youth oriented, great for teens and young women who aren't concerned about their lingerie showing through their clothing. Can you imagine a 50 year old woman wearing this lingerie? Of course not as we associate the bold colors of pink, blue, red and other primary colors as being worn by young women and girls.

Boyshorts are definitely not for boys as the cut belongs on a woman's body and while these are full cut panties they fit well on a young girls body but older women love them too. Full coverage can be sexy especially when they are body hugging, slimming and cover all of a woman's torso that aren't covered by thongs,g-strings and even bikini's.

Sheer panties are definitely for the more mature woman as they evoke images of Betty Page, the 40's and 50's and steamy lingerie. Sheer panties are see through but the sheer, stretch mesh hugs her body and lends a shadow on her body making her sexy and sensuous. Sheer lingerie tends to be lingerie for an older woman but don't assume that means women of any age can't or don't wear them. Sheer lingerie is a classic look and women of all ages can pull off wearing it without a problem.

Lingerie that covers a woman's body but hides nothing is all about sexy lingerie. Sheer lingerie manages to give full coverage and yet cover nothing at all is naughty and conservative, if that is possible. Sheer lingerie adds a little mystery to a woman's body, hides many flaws but draws ones eyes towards it.

Corsets are an article of lingerie that is worn by a woman who doesn't hesitate to express her sexuality or her breasts. Corsets are meant to draw in the waist for that hour glass figure and push her breasts up and out with spill out cleavage. A woman wearing a corset is going to look very feminine and what ever her breast size is, it will appear larger and fuller. Long stares and looks will inevitably follow as men and women will be attracted to this timeless look and who can resist looking at a woman's breast that are fully covered but emphasized in such a manner?

How about a woman who wears flashy patterns, colors and bold prints under her clothes? She is flirtatious, seeking and enjoying attention and makes a fashion statement with her panties and bras. These animal prints, geometric designs and hot colors make her stand out in a crowd if there is a crowd in her bedroom or under her skirt? These colors and designs are reserved for women who enjoy the attention wearing sexy lingerie gives them.

Women who wear the skimpiest of g-strings and thongs are sexy and confident and they have to be as these sexy panties are the opposite of full coverage. They cover the tiniest areas of a woman's body and she has nowhere to hide. There is not a possibility of a vpl or visible panty line. Men love them as they don't hide anything from view and women love them because they feel like they aren't wearing any panties at all. Wearing these sexy panties also means you are current on lingerie fashions as these are the panties young women are wearing under the latest fashions, skirts, dresses and jeans. They are the next thing to not wearing any panties at all. That trend will likely continue as todays fashions are skimpier, slinkier and less forgiving than ever before. Younger and younger women are wearing less and less in terms of panties and sexy clothing and that is a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

a lot as far as I can tell! Since you choose what you wear, the choices speak loudly about a lot of things. How daring you are, how body conscious you may be, what you are trying to emphasize and minimize and more.