Thursday, October 24, 2013

What is the best lingerie for your body?

Women ask on a regular basis, what is the best lingerie for her body? Women want to look their best, and the question demands the best answer possible. Of course a woman would not want to look her best in her lingerie but the trick is in choosing what makes a woman look her very sexy best. Most and perhaps all women have a body flaw, real or imagined, that they want to hide or a special body part that they want to accentuate to its best advantage. By the way, men are the same way but don't wear revealing lingerie very often. When you think about it they never display their bodies in the same manner. Or perhaps men do display their bodies but not in the same sexual manner, or perhaps women are simply more concerned about their appearance. Regardless of the reasons women want to know what sexy lingerie they should wear.

In general color is a tool women can and should use to their advantage. Black is a womans best friend as it is slimming as well so it is not a chance that women choose to wear black tops, dark pants and skirts as they optically allow a woman to hide any flaws she may have. In lingerie the options are about the same. Black is probably the most popular color in lingerie and is preferable to white, pastels, tans and nudes. White tends to add weight, particularly in stockings, panties and bras and is simply not flattering. Dark purples, deep reds and other very warm winter colors are always a good choice. Pinks-not really. Florals, seriously. Stay away from florals.

Fit is a good example of where women can get exactly what they weren't looking to get. While it might seem to be a good idea for women with a little extra weight to wear loose lingerie or clothing, the opposite is true. The rule is true for outerwear or underwear. A good fit, snug but not tight is especially true for lingerie. So a woman can sabotage herself with lingerie that is loose fitting. This is not to say that wearing tight lingerie is a good idea as it isn't. Proper fit is always the way to go for the best look as well as comfort. Remember a woman who smiles, feels good and confident is the most sexy woman around. So smiling is sexy as it is on the street or in the bedroom. A woman who looks relaxed, smiling and carefree is always preferable to a woman who looks uncomfortable, refuses to smile and just looks unhappy. Fit is a very important matter and it does matter in your lingerie. Don't be afraid to go a bit on the snug side as you are supposed to look sexy and wearing diapers does not qualify.

Style is probably the third but very important component in the best lingerie for your body. A woman with large breasts needs support and that can be extremely sexy. A great deal of looking good has to do with illusion. Not lying, or trickery but the illusion. Remember, first impressions are very important and the same is true of a woman in her sexy lingerie. Illusions are a woman with large, full, supple breasts that seem to be suspended in mid air. That means underwires and a good fit. Hollywood does it all the time. A woman with small to medium sized breasts seems to look very busty but it is all about the fit and a good push up bra. So what style is the best for you?

Busty women need to wear a corset or bustier, again due to the support issue. A good corset offers support as well as spill out cleavage, pushing up the breasts and showcasing them for the viewer. Corsets are awesome as they also draw in the waist giving a woman that desirable hour glass figure. Plus size and regular size women can both benefit from wearing  a corset, either in the bedroom or out on the town.

Booty shorts are a girls best friend or a mans best friend as men love the look of woman in lace booty shorts. A pair of stretch booty shorts may be all a woman needs to look the very best in her panties.

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