Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to the Flirty Lingerie Blog

Welcome to the Flirty Lingerie Blog where sexy lingerie is what Flirty Lingerie is all about. Flirty lingerie is sexy lingerie and this is the place to get information on the latest styles of lingerie. Whether it be sexy panties, bras, panty and bra sets or corsets this is the place to be. If this is you first visit to our blog, or you are returning we first want to say Welcome!
While we have been slow in adding to our blog, we are committed to bringing everything lingerie to the web, our customers and readers.

Why read about sexy lingerie ? Few subjects are as compelling, interesting and down right sexy as lingerie. Women love lingerie and men love women in lingerie! Right? Well some polls reveal that younger men love women and lingerie is not all that necessary. We understand that many styles and types of lingerie and sexy lingerie are generational in nature. The polls we have seen show that younger men prefer their women in panties and a bra, or a cami top and boy shorts. This is sexy lingerie if you think about it. If a woman wears it as an under garment, then many consider that lingerie. No matter what you call it, sleepwear, underwear, lingerie or pj's, the truth is lingerie or intimate apparel is a lot of things to a lot of people.

Many women don't like the "trashy lingerie" like boob out bras, crotchless panties and lingerie that makes them look or feel slutty. Other women and men long for the look of a garter belt, stockings and a matching bra. Nobody is wrong when it comes to Lingerie, or Sexy Lingerie as if there is a difference. The truth is depending on where you live in the world and what the sexual mores of the culture will decide what is sexy lingerie. Lingerie is evolving along with our society and so are our views of women's bras and panties. Lingerie is fashion and it seems everyone who is anyone has or will soon have a lingerie line.

Maybe it is because we are in the lingerie business, but lingerie is seemingly always in the news. If nothing else it is exciting to look at, delightful to wear and everyone has an opinion about it. While many blogs have comment areas that are rarely used we hope to peak interest so that many of you will feel compelled to comment about our posts and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned!

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