Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bodystockings are sexy lingerie!

Bodystockings are sexy lingerie that women love to wear under skirts. Sexy lingeire bodystockings come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Full length bodystockings are a perfect way to wear hosiery and have a seamless look in your skirt and jeans. This diamond weave bodystocking is visually stunning, very comfortable and every woman should own at least one bodystocking.

Our open bra cup bodystocking in fishnet is full length, with open bra cups or boobs out for a sensual look and fee. This sexy bodystocking is made to be seen with its erotic styling and look.

Wear our sexy long sleeve fishnet bodystocking wherever you want and look dramatic and sexy in this crotchless bodystocking with long sleeves in three hot colors, black, white or red. This bodystocking will give you a dramatic look with your legs and upper torso sheathed in stretch fishnet.

He will love you for wearing this sexy crotchless bodystocking with an open crotch for convenience and the eye catching geometric design that draw attention to any part of your body that is exposed.

Our fence net bodystocking is like a fishnet stocking but with larger openings, much like a fence rather than a fish net. The effect of this design is very sexy as it is like you are not wearing anything at all which is intriquing. The fence net bodystocking can be worn during the day or the evening. You will get all the looks you can endure.

Not every woman can wear this fishnet top with leggings , but if you dare then be prepared for the interest it creates. The matching fishnet top with leggings is a combination that will go terrific with a sexy mini skirt and a sexy lace bra. Take the plunge and get one of these fishnet sets for your wardrobe.

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