Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why buy sexy lingerie? 5 Great Reasons!

Why should you buy sexy lingerie is a great question. When you buy sexy lingerie remember there are five great reasons and you and your partner will be the beneficiaries! Buy sexy lingerie rather than that dull, bland granny panty stuff you find at the malls and you will wonder how you got by without sexy lingerie for this long.

While there are a lot of great reasons to buy sexy lingerie I have limited them to the top 5 reasons to buy sexy lingerie:

1. Self Esteem: Yes the old stand by is self esteem which is defined as "a confidence and satisfaction in oneself." Having confidence and satisfaction in yourself is vitally important in the way you look and feel day and night. So what does self esteem have to do with sexy lingerie? Lingerie like outerwear is an expression of you and who you are, what you like and how you look. The fact that the whole building or the entire block does not see you in your sexy panties and bra makes no difference. Looking and feeling good about yourself in your intimate apparel is immensely important. So why not just wear a pair of nude panties and a ratty old bra, or a flannel night gown and rabbit slippers. Nothing, but it does say everything about you, your sexuality and how you project yourself to your partner, male or female. Sexy lingerie exudes a positive attitude about your body, your sexuality and your appearance as sexy lingerie shows off your body rather than hides it.

Sexy lingerie says you are willing to express your sexuality, willing to show off those sexy legs, full breasts or firm rear. So what if you don't have those or don't think you have those attributes? Every woman, yes every woman has good and bad features. Every woman has one or more physical attributes that are fair, good and great. You have small breasts and all the sexy lingerie is about big boobs. You have a tummy and nothing will hide that. These attitudes are just what needs changing and wearing sexy lingerie is just what you need to come out of your shell. You can't change your self esteem just by saying change. You have to work at it and just remember there is sexy lingerie that emphasizes whatever attribute you desire. You can't categorize sexy lingerie as being about just sexy girls. Every girl is a sexy girl just waiting to come out and join the party.

2. Wearing sexy lingerie, and sexy clothing makes you feel sexy!
Try an experiment which you have probably experienced by yourself already. Buy a pair of sexy shoes , perhaps 4 inch heels and wear them with a pair of snug fitting jeans. No real dare here as your aren't being asked to venture outside in a micro mini skirt and no panties! See how people react to your "new" look and judge for yourself how it makes you feel to get at least one compliment on the look. Wear something outside of your comfort level and see what you have been missing. On the other hand wear a pair of the baggiest pairs of sweats, a stretched out of shape t-shirt and no make up and go to the mall and take a look at the responses. The fact is that how you look, in part determines how you feel as how you feel determines how you look. There is no seperating these two factors and it is the main reason why wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy. It is rather hard to wear a see through babydoll that exposes your breasts and a pair of skimpy panties with a pair of high heels and try and feel frumpy, just try. It is not possible. So buying sexy lingerie and wearing it will as a matter of course make you feel sexy. Many of us were taught to hide our sexuality and as a child and young adult that may be appropriate. As an adult in a relationship that training is actually detrimental as expressing your sexuality is not only appropriate but very healthy.

3. Sexy lingerie is the answer to the question: How can I improve my personal, sexual relationship?
While wearing sexy lingerie will not rescue a broken relationship all by itself, it is very important in the endeavor. Sexy lingerie leads to romance, sex and sharing yourself with another. Sexy lingeris is the universal language of romance. Appearing in sexy lingerie sends an unmistakeable message to your partner that you are open to making love or being romantic. It is unavoidable that showing up in sexy lingerie can only be interpreted one way. This is yet another reason why buying sexy lingerie is a great idea. What do you think about when you see a young woman wearing a sexy corset, thigh high stockings and high heels? Painting? Sewing? Of course not as culturally we are conditioned to associate lingerie with romance. Who doesn't need more romance in their lives?

4. Lingerie shows off your assets and you are in control of what assets to show!
The variety in the kind and quality of sexy lingerie is awesome. You can and will find whatever type of lingerie you need to accentuate the areas of your body that you want to emphasize the most. A little thought and the help of a good lingerie boutique will do wonders for every woman. Not every woman should wear just any type of lingerie anymore than every woman should wear every type of shoes, skirt or hair color. Wear what makes you look best! Want to show off your breast? Wear a corset. Need to pull that tummy in a bit? A corset also works well as it is meant to control your waist while emphasizing your breasts. Small breasts? Wear a padded bra, or a snug fitting camisole and panty set. Short legs? Wear some high heels and a pair of stockings that make your legs appear taller. Big butt? Wear snug fitting chemise that hugs and shows off that booty butt.

The suggestions are just a sampling that will work for you and your partner. All women need some help somewhere or they have already had plastic surgery. So don't hold off buying sexy lingerie because of your "problem" areas. Don't waste the opportunity to show off what the man above gave you.

5. Stay young and energetic instead of old and frumpy.
Some day romance and sex will be a distant memory. Some day you will have your memories to keep you warm. Don't let time pass you by when you can express your sexuality now. This is not a suggestion that you dress slutty, look like you are trying too hard or just plain have bad taste. This is yet another suggestion for how and why to buy sexy lingerie. Your partner would love to see the new you. He will be amazed at the transformation and the good part is that no one in the world but the two of you have to know the first thing about your personal lives. Stay young and sexy by taking a few chances that in retrospect will be just the beginning. You can be a school maid at Sunday services, and a wild hot milf in the bedroom. Yes, you can have it both ways.

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