Monday, August 16, 2010

Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothing!

Ovulating women buy sexier clothing according to a recent study by University of Minnesota. According to the study women who are ovulating are attempting to compete with other women. "If you look more desirable than your competition, you are more likely to stand out".

Apparently non ovulating women made differant choices than ovulating women suggesting that ovulating women were attempting to attract the most desirable males in the area. What are we to make of this study? Along with pheromones it is possible that women and perhaps men are attracted to the opposite sex by unconscious signals that include scent as well as the 5-6 days monthly when a woman is at her fertile best. What can we expect? Perhaps commercials that target women who ovulating and suggesting that now is the time to head to their local sexy clothing and perhaps lingerie boutique or online site to purchase the sexiest outfit. Doesn't this tie in with the perceptions of many men and women that sexual arousal is tied to a man or woman's appearance including clothes.

Perhaps women are dressing for more than themselves when they wear a mini skirt or sexy outfit. But didn't we sense this all along? The study thought suggests that the desire to purchase sexy or sexier clothing is unconscious so she is not aware of it and the male may not either be aware of the attraction although he surely is not unaware that a woman in sexy attire is well, sexy or sexier.

During her five or six day ovulation she is profoundly influenced by her "condition" in regards to her retail behaviour. In effect she is more likely to buy and wear items on the sexy end of the scale. What are we to make of all of this? Do you not have moods, desires, incentives that are not really a little out of the ordinary or is your personality so set and established you can account for every thought and move? Is it really so out of the question that our hormones, genetic makeup and "time of the month control more than water retention, so what does it all mean? Perhaps nothing as this is only one study. On the other hand we are animals after all and over thousands of years of development we often believe that we are superior to animals and these unconscious acts are all about someone else. Regardless, men and women behave the way they do for reasons, possibly completely randomly or there may be a cause and effect which will surely create more food for thought.


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