Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Lingerie if for Sexy Girls!

Christmas lingerie doesn't go under the tree as it is not the right thing to open in front of the kids or your parents. Christmas lingerie should be given to your wife or girlfriend anytime except on Christmas day. Of course if you don't have kids or aren't celebrating opening gifts with the family then go right ahead and open up that special gift along with the other gifts you are receiving.

When we think of the Holidays we don't often think of sexy lingerie, crotchless panties and sexy high heels but then times have changed and it is certainly time to change your traditions. Sexy lingerie is perfect for anniversaries, honeymoons, vacations and homecomings. So why not Christmas?

Sure Christmas is a religious holiday for Christians, a time for family, kids and Christmas dinner. So where does romance, sex, exotic and erotic lingerie find a place against these other important needs? First many of us have time off from work and the more "me" time you have the better. Lingerie is all about intimacy and romance and reconnecting with your mate. Many couples who are complaining about the status of their relationship say that the romance has gone out of their lives. This is easy when you have a baby, career and family to think about. Thus the connection is clearly there and needs to be exploited to the limits. Consider giving your mate something sexy for the holidays but it doesn't need to be limited to a babydoll or panties. Consider your relationship and romance or your marriage or more is at risk. Failing to take care of your lover or wife or husband is one sure way to watch it deteriorate into divorce or discord.

Am I saying give your lover sexy lingerie or else? In a way yes! Yes taking care of your relationship is extremely important to be sure. Giving lingerie is not although it is a sign or indication of what is going on in a relationship. The good news giving her a gift is not what is necessary but giving her something is important. That something does not need to be clothing or lingerie. Thinking about her is the issue. Thinking about her enough to pick up a magazine at the drug store or buying her a card just because is the issue. Listening to her is important as she will tell you what is going on with her but the question is are you listening?

Christmas lingerie does not go under the tree as it is a personal gift that needs to be left between the two of you, not with grandma, grandpa, little joey and joannie. The failure to understand that often is the problem. Perhaps you don't give her lingerie for Christmas. Well the only ones that lose out are the lingerie sellers. On the other hand when do you think of her and for what reason? Chances are there is someone who may be thinking of her and that is where problems creep into the relationship. Think about it! Please!

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