Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Abstinence Panties for Young Girls

You have heard of a chastity belt but now we have the abstinence panties with appropriate sayings on them to suggest or inspire staying a virgin or whatever abstinence you might desire of your young girls. After giving it very little thought I am beginning to conclude that this is someone's idea of a joke. Would a young girl buy these for herself for anything other than a joke? Would a mother buy them for her young daughter and have any reasonable idea of success? What will they inspire and I am totally convinced they will inspire a lot other than actual abstinence. Since I don't actually have a strong response to these panties I won't get all lit up about them but I just think they are a waste of time. Do you agree?


Sexy Lingerie said...

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Anonymous said...

There is no way a girl is going to actually abstain from sex because her panties tell her to. Nice thought but girls these days are way too smart to follow the advise on entering a sexual relationship with a boy because her panties are in opposition.