Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shapewear and Shapers are for Women of all Sizes and Shapes!

So you think you don't need to wear a shaper or shapewear because you are not overweight or plus size? So you think someone is going to tell you that you need to wear a girdle? So you think shapewear is only for fat or large women? Well the truth is that shapers are for every woman and you don't need to be plus size in order to benefit from shapers and shapewear.

Shapers operate on a very simple level and that is one of compression. Shapers hold you in, sculpt your body and the results are often dramatic and significant. They are so easy to wear, make you look better to extremely good and they are not expensive, at least not relative to how much good they do. So why don't more women wear them?

The answer to that question is more difficult than you might imagine. Women are willing to do just about anything to look better, sexier or simply more put together. So why the hesitation to wear a compression garment? Well, compression garments or shapers to the rest of us are not new to the game of women's fashions but they are the recipients of advances in the area of "miracle" fabrics that allow these garments to be easier to wear.

Back in the day compression garments went by terms such as girdles and they were heavy, ugly and in some cases painful to wear as controlling a woman's body was no easy task. At that time as in the present the best way to get maximum compression was to use rubber! That is rubber as in the same material used to make tires and other rubber products. Problem was then and now is that rubber does not breathe. You knew this before this article was published but wearing a garment that does not breathe is simply not enjoyable. Rubber traps fluids between the garment and a woman's body and there is nowhere to go, read that nowhere. But it does work as a compression garment and can often result in some weight loss along the lines of water loss.

In order for a garment to be made that results in compression you need a combination of flexibility, strength and comfort. Along the lines of a bullet proof vest, compression garments need to do their job but be comfortable in the process. That was not possible 50 years ago but due to advancements in materials, construction and design the makers of compression garments can now offer foundations that offer slimming effects, light weight and strength thus creating the compression garments now available on the market.

It really doesn't matter how big or small you are there are compression garments made for you! The reason for this is that not every woman needs the same compression throughout the garment and some garments require little if any compression. Perhaps all the exercise in the world will not get rid of all that remaining fat accumulation left after you delivered your baby. Possibly all you need is a little help for your upper thighs. The answer is a garment that offers light to medium compression in those areas to make you look absolutely fabulous in your new wispy dress or outfit. So what is a woman to do? Select the compression shapewear that works for you, no less or no more and that is it. There is no need to labor all evening in a bulky, heavy and cumbersome garment that is working on all areas of your body, rather than specific areas that you know need help.

There are so many options you have for shaper vendors how do you choose? The answer is Vedette Shapewear . This full line shapewear company offers a large variety of sexy shapers for all sorts of problem areas from your back fat to your calves and everywhere in between. To be sure there are Spanx, that offers low to medium compression garments that are fashionable and fabulous for many women and many others. Don't fail to use the garment your need to get the look you want. Keep in mind that the selection is dramatic and should keep you looking shapely, sexy and sophisticated.

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