Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy Lingerie & Summer Time

Sexy lingerie and the summer time are perfect times for wearing skimpy, flirty and sexy lingerie. Wearing a flimsy skirt with sexy lingerie peeking underneath is a summer time vision that would make a picture hanging in an art gallery. Sexy Panties are the perfect sexy lingerie for summer time and those steamy nights and sweltering days. Who doesn't love a pair of skin tight panties in bright, flirty colors and patterns. Skimpy panties are hot, sexy hot that is but so are boy shorts and full back panties or bikini's. You don't want to wear a lot of clothing to bed when the evening temperatures are in the 70's, 80' or 90's. So how can you be sexy and comfortable? How do you turn him on without wearing some contraption that requires an instruction manual just to slip it on? The answer is easy and he will love it, you and you will get the picture.

Truth is lingerie is often about the message. In other words try answering the door in a sexy bodystocking and a pair of heels and what do you think he is thinking? Not that it is time to start painting the kitchen! Wearing sexy lingerie is all about how, when and where you wear sexy lingerie. Let me explain. Wear that same bodystocking under a jacket and a pencil skirt and sex is not the first thing on his mind, or yours. The point is you don't need to be overtly sexy to be sexy. Wearing a snug pair of panties after taking a shower and splashing just a little perfume can be the greatest aphrodisiac man has ever known. You don't need to break the bank to look and feel sexy. You don't have to look like a hooker either. All you need to do is consider what makes you look and feel sexy, and what does he like to see you in? If the answer is nothing, that is ok too, but sometimes it is great to break the pattern and think sexy before looking sexy. While many couples look forward to the cooler months and evenings that invite snuggling and roaring fires in the fireplace, summer time is the time where girls are already wearing short, tight short shorts and enjoying late evenings out at the clubs and outdoor restaurants and bars. What better time to take advantage of the romantic times they both can enjoy? Lingerie offers some very complementary outfits as sheer, see through and skimpy describe much of a woman's lingerie wardrobe.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether long cold evenings or the steamy warm nights are the best time to wear sexy lingerie but my boyfriend suggests there is never a bad time to wear next to nothing as forplay to a very romantic evening.