Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy High Heels for every occasion - almost!

Sexy high heels are made for every occasion and belong in every girl's sexy shoes wardrobe. Sexy high heels are almost perfect on most every occasion from a wedding to a trip to the clubs or bars. They are sexy on every girl and the higher the heel, the better. Problem is while they look great and make your legs look sexy, high heels are generally a pain to wear. Some high heel platform shoes are actually painful to look at, much less wear all day. Sexy high heels can be sandals or up to seven inch platforms depending on where you are going or what you may be doing. Dancers and performers love platform shoes as they make you legs look longer and shapelier than lower heels and exaggerate a woman's sex appeal. But should you wear sexy shoes everywhere? The answer is yes and no.

Few can deny that a pair of jeans and a pair of sexy pumps add sex appeal wherever you go, day or night. It is fashionable and not overtly sexual or suggestive. Women of all ages can wear jeans or slacks with a pair of high heels and drive men and women alike wild.

How about a pair of sexy sandals with a short skirt or summer dress that shows just a hint of thighs and a lot of flair and fashion sense? Sexy shoes should complement the wearer and show off her sexuality without being gross or too obvious. Everyone has seen a woman or man for that matter who is just trying too hard and did not find it attractive.

Platform shoes can be very sexy depending on the heel height ranging from five inches up to eight inches. Every woman can wear a five inch heel platform as they don't contort a woman's ankle and leg as much as you might think. Most women refuse to even try on an eight inch platform shoe and that is due to the extreme height and difficulty in walking and the stares that accompany these sexy platform shoes.

While sexy shoes aren't for the elderly or very young, most women wear them at some time, from a prom or wedding to an evening on the town. Tall women are excused as most do not want to be taller than their boyfriends or husbands. Many women who are height disadvantaged view high heels as a saviour as they add as many inches as they desire so they often put up with the aching feet that come with wearing heels. While flip flops are comfortable to wear they are not particularly attractive and besides comfort there is little positive to say about them. The great actor Fernando Lamas once said " It is better to look good, than to feel good". Truer words have never been spoken, even if he didn't really say it, although comedian Billy Crystal did - repeatedly.

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