Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can Fat Women Be Sexy and Desirable?

I asked the question, can fat women be sexy and desirable, and this is after much thought about the subject knowing that the answer is certainly yes. Can fat women be sexy and desirable? After wanting to write about this subject, skirting around it and seeing so much energy expended on the issue I really want to know or is it out of the question? No, I did not ask if plus size women can be sexy or can overweight women be sexy? Why, because in general conversation people use the term fat because that is just how they talk. No, it is not politically correct nor is it sensitive to the feelings of those women who are overweight, or plus size or whatever word may be used at the time. But the term "fat" is the word usage that gets right to the point and it is somewhat politically charged, isn't it? It isn't as politically correct as plus size, overweight, chubby or even chunky. On the other hand it doesn't carry the sting of the words obese or meaty, beefy big and bouncy. But still, can they be sexy? Can they arouse a man's animal instincts? Does being fat prevent them from being as sexy and sexual as they want to be? Well, the answer is maybe? If it is true you have to love yourself before you can be loved then considering yourself fat is definitely a limiting factor.

Can fat women be sexy? Clothed, naked, in a swimsuit or in their bra and panties ? Do they think they can be sexy or do they have to be asked a second question like do they think a fat woman can be sexy or does society think a fat woman can be sexy? I think you will find women of all sized give a different answer and that is the problem. Society answers the question, no! Do lingerie manufacturers think fat women can be sexy? The answer today is a little different than it was just a few years ago so perhaps the atmosphere is changing for the better but in many ways, not really.

What does it matter what society thinks, anyway? Is being fat like being black or brown. Years of institutional racism mean that society can change but how long does it take? Also does the idea of fat women and their sexiness just go underground and become much more subtle? Subtle or not the idea of a fat woman being or not being able to be sexy sounds preposterous, doesn't it. Of course they can! Shout it out now! Fat women can be sexy! But does anyone believe it and if so, who?

As I was doing my research on the subject I first looked to my industry, lingerie, clubwear, and the like. I am afraid it has not had and does not really have a particularly good track record. It has been recently that the lingerie manufacturers have offered plus size lingerie but to their credit much has changed. On the other hand most vendors do not carry any or many sku's for plus size products. It gets worse in the modeling industry though and by many accounts it is shameful. Plus size models are not really plus size models. Again though is it the chicken or the egg? Many models who are portrayed as plus size models are simply women with large breasts but with bodies that are perhaps a size 10 or 12 but no larger. For the most part they do not really represent the plus size market. Is this because the vendors want it or does the public, including many plus size women demand it?

Could it be our definition of fat is out of sync? Is it outdated or simply not applicable? Or is fat what it always was? Is fat obese? Is fat chubby or a lard ass or simply a fattie? It seems we have a long way to go as there are millions of women and men who may fit into this category and don't you think they deserve some exactitude about their physical condition. Does it matter? I suspect to many of them it matters a great deal!

Take a look at the pictures of beautiful women on the blog post and think about your reaction to them. Are these women 1. just plain drop dead gorgeous or 2. plus size 3.fat or finally 4. obese? Is there a difference between 2, 3 or 4? Some have said that the hottie in the red bra is busty, hot and delicious but what is your response?

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Anonymous said...

I really love my woman she is not a 10 but curvy and so so sexy and dresses appropriately out and in the bedroom !!!!!