Friday, December 7, 2007

Corsets as Sexy Outerwear

Corsets are sexy outerwear and more than sexy lingerie. Sexy corsets should be worn out to clubs, dinners and parties as sexy outerwear.

So why don't you own one? What is holding you back? Is it because you think they are just for weddings, or something your mother or grandmother would wear? Or is it just because corsets are lingerie? Corsets have a long history and yes your grand mother probably wore a corset and she probably didn't care for it much. You have probably seen the images of women in Victorian times being squeezed into a corset by a maid or friend. The fashion of the day was to wear a corset to achieve the hourglass figure popular at the time. The corset did its job as you were laced into one and the tighter it became the better you looked. That is if you wanted to have a waist the size of a modern day CD. Women were supposed to look like they had full, voluptuous breasts, a tiny waist and blossoming hips. Actually it is no more bizarre than the women sticks that prowl the runways of fashion shows weighing in at 90 pounds and absent are their breasts, hips and butt cheeks. The pain women endure for being fashionable. Corsets evolved into girdles and in the late 1950's they were very popular as they were slimming, toning and dreadfully ugly. Gone were much of the lacing and boning, replaced by stretch fabric, heavy stitching and hook and eye closures. They were meant to be worn, not seen and they were functional garments available in many varieties from full length girdles that went from the breasts to the crotch, many with garters straps for stockings. Others rested under the breasts, while many were over sized panties that covered a woman's problem areas around her thighs, tummy and buttocks.

Corsets available now are more colorful, comfortable and classically sexy than ever before. Corsets were and are made to slim the waist and accentuate the bust. Corsets have been around for hundreds of years and are the predecessor of girdles and more recently, shapers. Unfortunately corsets were made of heavy material, had whale bones to maintain structure and fit and were usually found in only nude, black or white. Women, righfully so, complained of the pain in wearing a corset, its bulkyness and over time the corset fell out of favor. Women only wore one when they absolutely had to as they simply didn't care to endure the pain. Along came the 1960's, stretch lycra and corsets saw a resurgence of sorts.

If you have a perfect bust, and a perfect waist, corsets are still for you as they come in some hot colors, and they make your favorite skirt or jeans look better.

Corsets are certainly made for brides to be, and they have been popular for many, many years. It is just that the corsets available today are just too hot to believe. Woman come in and try on our corsets, and their boobs spill out over the top of the corset, just as the corset was made to do, and the colors are from dark, luxurious colors to flirty pastels, and everything in between.

So why aren't you getting up and running out to buy a corset? The cost? Well most of our corsets run in the $49.00 to $69.00 range. What do you get for the money? A top you can wear anywhere, under a jacket or all alone. A lingerie garment that looks positively hot in the bedroom. Yes, corsets do double duty and that makes the corset a great value.

Is that all? Not really as they can also be used as an integral part of a sexy costume. Anything else? Sure you can wear them to work, dinner, movies or on that special date!

Am I done? Sort of. If that isn't enough then you probably will never buy a corset, but you have to agree that they are stunning, and they feel just great. When I tried on my first corset, I though that it would be uncomfortable. Well, the first thing I noticed is what it did for my boobs. Yes, my boobs looked bigger, and I suddenly had great cleavage. Next was I could cinch it up to a point where I was comfortable, and I had a slimmer waist. I know you want a corset now, so get up and go over to Flirty Lingerie and check out the selection.

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