Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flirty Lingerie or Sexy Lingerie?

Flirty lingerie or sexy lingerie, that is the question. Are you in the flirty lingerie camp or do you prefer the sexy, even slutty lingerie? After owning a lingerie web site for 10 years, and a retail store for four, I have come to a conclusion that there are two camps when it comes to what is desireable in lingerie. The flirty lingerie camp is younger, looking for boyshorts, cami sets and cute lingerie while the sexy lingerie camp is more into open bust, crotchless panties and revealing lingerie that gets a guys pulse rate going. What is this talk about camps? I thought this was a lingerie blog? Well it sure is a lingerie blog but after years of observation it is clear that not everyone is looking for the same thing or effect when it comes to lingerie.

A recent survey in England's Daily Mail suggests that some men aren't turned on by the strappy, complicated sexy lingerie that manufacturers seem to belived. Instead they suggest that simple, flirty and feminine lingerie is what gets the English men's blood boiling. "The classic image of a suspender set with a push-up bra is what most women imagine gets their chap going. As you'll see from the results overleaf, though, nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it's a simple white set-up with a sexy bow, or some cute polka dot pants, the items that score big with our panel - made up of myself, Simon Mills and Alex Bilmes - are those that suggest innocence and fun".

Now, the blokes across may or may not be on to something, but it does closely track purchase patterns by girls under 30. So is age a factor in the type of lingerie women as well as men purchase? The answer is yes! More interesting is why women buy sexier lingerie as they get older. Some answers are fairly obvious while others are more subtle. One likely answer is women get bolder, more confident as they get older and thus their tastes in all things change. The thinking goes that young women ages 20 through 29 are not as confident in bed, not as knowledable about sex and don't find the need or value in wearing sexy lingerie. The gaining of confidence is likely true as men and women need time to gain experience, maturity and confidence. It is a hard argument to make that a 19 year old woman is as experienced as a 30, 35 or 40 year old woman. This translates into a woman finding a value in sexy lingerie as she matures.

Similarly many women are in committed relationships as they get older while younger women may not be in such relationships. It may take these relationships for women to feel comfortable in buying and wearing sexy lingerie. Also men would tend to refrain to buy a one night stand or short term lingerie. It is undeniable that many women would not want to go through the ritual of wearing sexy lingerie after dating for a week or perhaps even a couple of months. Wearing sexy lingerie is an act that usually requires a woman to be in a relationship for a period of time rather than on a first date.

Different women find lingerie of value at different times in their lives. Many young women don't appreciate the value of lingerie for a variety of reasons. One may be that the men in their lives are not as interested in forplay or a romantic evening preferring to participate in sexual relations without the pre game of soft music, watching a video, soft lighting and so on. A larger number of women enjoy the total experience of a romantic evening and sexy lingerie is an integral part of this enjoyable experience. Many if not most women prefer men to take their time, arouse her, kiss her, make her feel special rather than slam, bam thank you maam! Small wonder!

We all remember the spontaniety of the first time we had sex, the urgency of making love in the car, at a friends house, when our parents were away and all that lust. As we age the definition of sex changes to some degree and along with that time women and men see sexy lingerie as a good thing. Regardless of the reasons flirty lingerie or sexy lingerie remains a question only now they both have their own time and place.

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