Friday, December 7, 2007

To wear Panties or not to wear Panties, that is the question?

Should women wear panties or not wear panties is a daily question for women. Whether a woman should wear panties or not wear panties is ultimately her choice to make, and the question is why is it anyone's business. Ok, Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan were caught not wearing panties . TMZ and all the other paparazzi sites were aghast. The basic structure of the free world was compromised. Mothers were locking up their children as they were afraid their daughters might follow the leader. These two "women" had violated the rule against letting the world know some women don't wear panties on occasion. The league of no "vpl" (visible panty lines) considered sanctions against these two pantiless women. Men didn't really know what to say or do. How could the star of the Parent Trap expose the fire crotch?

Get over it! Anyone who knows anything about fashion, or lack of it, and women, especially young ones knew ages ago that some girls don't wear panties. Many women expressed disgust as how unsanitary it is not to wear panties. Others discussed the relative merits of shaving ones pubic area. Still others suggested that not wearing panties was an accident waiting to happen. You girls know exactly what I mean. You guys can pretend to not know what I mean.

So not that the dust has settled. Now that Brittany has apologized? Has she? Now that western civilazation seems to have withstood the likelihood that a couple of young hotties don't actually wear underwear we need to analyze the effect of this development. First, girls haven't been wearing panties long before Brittany's and Lindsay's public displays of erogenous zones.

Panties were originally designed to protect the garments of the day. Back in the day there were dry cleaners on every corner. Any woman who could afford a dress was well, wealthy. Bathing was an occasional act, not an everyday occurence, sometimes more than once. The reason behind undergarments was far differant than today. Today the panties women wear are snug even tight. Panties are colorful, and often seen as they peek out of low rise jeans and mini skirts. Women trim their pubic regions often to landing strips or even going bald down there. So what is the big deal with not wearing any panties?

Not much. While there are no exact figures available, a survey by Freshpair suggested that 15% of women don't wear panties on occasion. Does that sound possible? If you are over 30, then likely not. The phenomenon of not wearing panties is not all that recent as many women of all ages don't wear panties with pantyhose. Women generally don't wear panties with bodystockings, bodysuits and who can blame them.

I don't generally wear panties in the summer and you will just have to deal with that. Winter is another matter altogether. What? Well, modesty aside, panties are just not a necessity. Not a necessity. Ueeeewww, gross you say. Ok, so it isnt for everybody. Isn't meant to be. I don't care if you wear panties, or if you do. It is a very personal decision. I love the feeling! I like the freedom of not having to wear panties, and if I decide to wear them, I do. Take the poll and lets see what it shows. I think we all may be surprised.

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