Friday, December 7, 2007

Lingerie for the Holidays: Sexy Lingerie for Christmas and New Years

Buy her sexy lingerie for the holidays as the gift of lingerie for Christmas is what she wants. Buying sexy lingerie for her is a personal gift that makes a statement that you find her desirable and sexy. The holidays are a time for sexy lingerie and intimate evenings. Forget the stress and strain of holiday shopping and family meals, and remember that relationships can be strained with all the things to do, parties to attend and shopping to do. Don't forget to plan some time alone, to rekindle the romance or just have some serious adult fun. Lingerie is the perfect antidote to the holiday blues.

The holidays are a time for family, true, but your wife or girlfriend is a part of the family too, isn't she? She deserves some special lingerie and so do you. Also don't forget one of the most romantic holidays are just around the corner. So much attention is paid to Christmas, many people almost forget that New Year's Eve is the week after Christmas and we all know how hectic that can be.

Yes, New Years Eve is a very romantic time of the year. I always wondered why everyone seems to get so excited about the New Years holiday. Isn't it just an excuse to party until midnight, toast each other, kiss your loved one as what you are doing on New Year's is a prediction of what you will be doing all year long, right? Well, over the last couple of years, New Years have become very romantic, because I have made it romantic. Start planning now, cause the reservations will be taken fast. Wherever you live there will be New Years celebrations and you have your choices. There are the parties held by friends and families. There are the parties held by the major hotels in your area. I suggest you try one of these major parties with all the trimmings including the hotel room and breakfast the next morning.

This is the time for sexy lingerie . If you have kids, get a baby sitter who can spend the night. Plan a luxurious evening complete with dinner, dancing, a midnight snack, breakfast and have I left anything out? Of course! Romance! Last year my husband and I reserved a local hotel room that had dinner for two complete with champagne, the room and a breakfast buffet. Not as extravagant as previous years, but memorable nonetheless. We packed for an evening of fun. Don't forget the swimsuits for the heated pool or jacuzzi. An extra bottle of wine, or two. A digital camera and of course, sexy panties , bra and panty sets and precious alone time.

We started off the evening off with a romantic candle light dinner and had a little dessert to top it all off. When we got back to the room, we relaxed for a while, then headed down to the heated pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Luckily they were all indoors, but thankfully we took our little plastic cups and a bottle of wine and divided our time between the relatively cool pool and the steaming jacuzzi. Wow, what a relaxing time, but we headed back to the room just in time for midnight, and the ball in Times Square on television.

Out came the lingerie and the camera, and we all know that these two items were made for each other. My outfit was a combination of sexy sheer thigh highs, a bra and panty set and a pair of 4 inch platforms, boy did I look hot and trashy! I won't go into any more details, but the next morning came way too soon. We got up and dressed and got down to the New Years brunch about noon, and while we weren't terribly hungry, the coffee and sweets were appreciated.

On the way home we both agreed that this was going to be a happy New Year.

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