Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shapers and Shapewear for Sexy Girls

Shapers and shapewear are terms used to describe body shapers and girdles that shape, lift and define sexy girls bodies. Sexy girls love wearing shapers and shapewear as they help them look sexy and shapely. These undergarments are meant to shape a girls form making it look great under dresses, gowns and anything she chooses to wear. When you are looking for shapewear you might want to keep a couple of things in mind. Shapers are made for a particular purpose and thus you need to buy that shaper to deal with a single or more than one problem area. Shapers range from shaper panties to full length shapers that extend from the bust or below the bust to the upper ankles. Shapers rarely are made to shape the bust as you must wear a bra in addition to the shaper. Women accumulate fat in many areas but mainly in the stomach area, lower stomach, buttocks and thigh areas. Choosing the right shaper for you is simply a matter of what you are wearing and what area or areas you would like shaped. Many women are purchasing the mid calf body shaper which addresses problem areas from under the bust through the abdominal and buttocks area. Unfortunately shapers don't cause you to lose weight only to shape and sculpt the area for a short period of time.

Once you have decided what area or areas need shaping then the next decision you will need to make is the amount of compression you will require. Compression is simply the pressure you want the garment to assert against your body to hold it in. A general rule is you will need medium compression for minor problem areas. If you have a minimal need for shaping or compression then the medium compression will do the job. If you feel you need a good amount of compression then a strong compression garment will be required. Strong compression is generally the greatest compression you can purchase and the garment is intended to hold the area in and exert stronger compression than a medium compression garment. The febrics or materials used to provide the compression are lycra spandex, nylon or even latex rubber. The stronger compression garments generally require latex rubber to provide the least amount of stretch while spandex is going to provide the least amount of compression. An example of the strongest compression with latex rubber is the latex waist cincher which is an excellent shaper girdle to provide the most compression available.

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