Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pasties are for Bad Girls

Pasties are for bad girls, sexy girls and just girls. Bad girls love pasties as they are nipple covers that girls use in a variety of ways when wearing a bra is not good enough or simply not possible. Pasties are for girls who want to show off their boobs but not their nipples. While pasties have been around for a long, long time the latest incarnation is even sexier.

Pasties are an old school nipple cover that often had tassels that dancers swung around suggestively with the audience entranced as the dancer even made the tassels swing in opposite directions. That was then as burlesque performers and nude dancers performed in front of captivated audience that enjoyed the naked and near naked performers with fans and slow, suggestive dances that showed only portions of the female anatomy.

Today pasties still have tassels but more and more they are adhesive pasties with designs of skull and cross bones, marijuana leaves, lips, x's and many, many more. Pasties are worn by strippers, to be sure but also by girly girls who get off on exposing their breasts but not their nipples. Coincidentally or not many local ordinances do not consider a woman to be naked or topless unless her nipples are exposed. So she is nearly nude but not in violation of any local ordinances. The same is true for many topless dancers.

The explosion in popularity of these pasties is not only escaping any local popo's but simply because they are so cool looking, colorful and naughty. In the past wearnig a skimpy bra top with a bikini panty was required beach wear. That is passe' as now wearing pasties with a skimpy g-string panty is the least amount of beach wear a girl can wear without being totally naked. Pasties are certain to draw attention to a girls chest and many girls are just fine with that. Many of the pasties actually offer more coverage than some bra tops thus it is the idea more than the reality that draws girls to these pasties.

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Elyse said...

I don't know if pasties are for bad girls only, as I think they are very cute and sexy. I think it does take a little self confidence to almost bare your bust but they are great to look at.