Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are panties that vibrate a woman in that special place. Vibrating panties are panties that are supposed to send girls into orgasmic convulsions in private but more importantly in public. I assume by now that everyone knows about personal vibrators and millions of women use them occassionally, frequently to daily, depending on their own particular needs and desires. While vibrators have been around for many, many years it is only recently that vibrating panties have been marketed to women as well as the men in their lives.

So what women want to slip on a pair of panties with a vibrator in them and then go for a walk in the park or better yet, at the mall or other public place. The answer may surprise you as many women are wearing them right now and you would never know. This is working on a couple of different levels as vibrating panties are worn under a woman's clothing, skirt, jeans or whatever. Thus you would not normally know she was wearing a pair of vibrating panties unless she told you. Or would you? The panties can be thongs, g-strings and full bottom panties or briefs. Some have bullet vibrators that rests against her clitoris while others are remote control vibrating panties that have a controller that works up to 30 feet away. So what is the appeal?

Well first of all the obvious reason is that many women enjoy having an orgasm in bed, in the shower, kitchen, restaurant and yes, even at the mall. Unlike men, women can reach orgasm without manual stimulation and the vibrator pressing against her clitoris is the easiest method of reaching that orgasm. Couples are purchasing these remote control vibrating panties as a means of enhancing their sex life. It can be great fun to have your girlfriend or wife slip on a pair of these panties and off you go to eat, shop or stroll. The man has the control- they like that don't they? He decides when to turn on the vibrations and how powerful the vibrations shall be. When she least expects is he turns her on as well as the power and of course she has to deal with these awesome vibrations at the most unexpected times and places. Talk about being spontaneous!

Clearly these vibrating panties are not for the shy or weak of heart but many couples find this good, clean adult fun and why not? The next time you see a gorgeous woman at the mall jump for joy she may be wearing a vibrating panty and the man in her life may be aroused as well as enjoying every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

After I saw that movie with Katherine Heigl, where she is wearing vibrating panties at a restaurant and a little boy has the controller, I knew I had to have one. I have really enjoyed my vibrating panties. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post about Vibrating Panties

Rachel Rex said...

Well I hope this would be g good thing but I have a question about this. Is that enough that using Rabbit Vibrator sort of thing on special part is for a orgasm or relaxation. Because there is much more other activities like foreplay before sex is important for a high peak orgasm.