Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is Lingerie an Aphrodisiac?

Is lingerie an aphrodisiac or what is the lure for women to wear sexy lingerie? Lingerie is an effective aphrodisiac but we don't usually look on it as a love potion or something that draws a man towards a woman. So why do women wear lingerie and does it have an effect on a man's libido?

Lingerie is, after all only clothing that women wear although it may be inappropriate for wearing in public, particularly in cold weather. Lingerie is considered by many to be superfluous, unnecessary and even a complete waste of money. So why do women continue to purchase it, wear it and perhaps even believe that it increases their sex appeal or sexual desirability? The lingerie business is a multi million dollar business and it is so routine and pervasive you can find it in virtually every mall in the country in the form of a Victoria's Secret or many department stores, not to mention the proliferation of sexy lingerie sites on the internet.

Is lingerie a continuation of the attempt by men to turn women into sex objects by making them into men's sexual fantasies? To some degree this is likely as wearing sexy lingerie does encourage men to look at women as objects of sexual desire. While true to some degree what is wrong with that? Do women solely wear sexy lingerie for the purposes of men's sexual fantasies? In part yes but this ignores how sexy lingerie makes women feel. Certainly some women wear sexy lingerie solely for the men in their lives while they get no benefits or enjoyment from the practice. On the other hand it is naive and unlikely that all women wear lingerie solely for men.

So does lingerie act as an aphrodisiac? The answer is yes and the reason may at least in part be that men are such visual creatures. Men overwhelmingly enjoy pornography as compared to women. Men enjoy seeing images of women naked or in videos or even in person in the form of strip shows and magazines. Women don't seem to be nearly as interested in images of men naked and while they do seem to enjoy male strip shows they do not engage in this form of entertainment nearly as much.

Men are at the center of women wearing sexy lingerie as they express the desire to see women in various states of undress as sexy lingerie suggests. Men's interest in sexy lingerie has little to do with the lingerie as it is really about the suggestive nature of sexy lingerie and what it represents. Sexy lingerie is not particularly important but the woman wearing the lingerie is the primary factor. Sexy lingerie suggests that a woman is ready, willing and able to engage in sexual activity. Sexy lingerie clearly sends a message to men that she desires sexual activity in a clear, unambiguous manner which is so important in today's society. This is not to be confused with men using the defense for such sexually related crimes that a woman is asking for it when she wears sexually suggestive clothing as short skirts or suggestive outer wear. Just as that defense is routinely ignored, it is not likely that a woman would argue that she was raped when she was in a situation where she was wearing overtly sexually suggestive lingerie in a bedroom with her husband or boyfriend. Nevertheless when a woman says no, regardless of her state of dress or undress a man's failure to cease and desist is still rape in virtually all jurisdictions and rightly so.

While women wear sexy lingerie for a myriad of reasons one of them is certainly to suggest or encourage sexual activity. One cannot rationally argue that a woman wearing sexy lingerie is not an aphrodisiac but that does not give a man license to do what he please with her. A woman can put on the sexiest lingerie available and even become totally naked and that does not allow a man to force her to do whatever he wants. A woman retains the right to change her mind at any time, for any reason. This is not unfair but totally fair and reasonable. This does not alter the fact that wearing sexy lingerie is an aphrodisiac as it encourages, suggests and promotes sexual intimacy between a man and a woman. In virtually all cases wearing this lingerie is the first step in encouraging sexual relations and is in the minds of women and men when sexy lingerie is purchased.

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