Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sexy Lingerie Articles for your reading enjoyment

We offer sexy lingerie articles for your reading pleasure and education. Who reads sexy lingerie articles you ask and the answer is anyone who enjoys sexy lingerie or better put anyone who has a pulse. While most people buy lingerie don't give much thought to the lingerie or who makes it or how you can buy lingerie that best suits your body type, others want all the information they can get.

We offer sexy lingerie articles on so many subjects you won't have the time to read them all. Some of the articles are suggested by customers who enjoy burlesque, thus the article Burlesque - The Art of the Strip Tease . Burlesque and lingerie are intertwined due in part to the naughty stripping that some performers engage in during the act but Burlesque is so much more. Actually anything naughty has something to do with lingerie or so it seems.

Often time men come into our boutique or ask us online to help them shop for their wives and girlfriends. In partial response to that we wrote the article Men Buying Lingerie - The Do's and Don'ts Part I . While men aren't dumb and they know what they like to see their girlfriends wear in the bedroom they don't always know their sizes or styles and a little professional help is always a plus. Buying lingerie is one of those things that people, particularly women think is easy as after all they are women and they wear lingerie so what is the big deal? No big deal but often a woman has certain "problem areas" or special requests that need to be addressed so that special occasion goes off without a hitch.

Speaking of special occasion’s lingerie is a special occasion item without a doubt. Who can think of a honeymoon, Valentine's Day, anniversary or romantic weekend or vacation and not think of lingerie? That is right, lingerie is a universal item forever associated with romance and sex! Perhaps that is one of the reasons we wrote What Lingerie do I take on my Special Vacation? . Couples go on vacation for a lot of reasons but one of them is certainly to be alone, enjoy each others company, see sights, enjoy great food and have sex! Who can argue with that? So it is a great idea to be prepared for the evening, the romance and oh yeah, the great sex!

But what if you can't get away and you need to get away? Well there is always the bedroom with the doors closed and the kids heavily sedated. Just kidding about the closed doors. Setting the Mood for a Romantic Evening was written for every couple to get away at home or in a hotel room or a public park if that is your thing. We know what sexy lingerie is used for and that is often to initiate romance, to set the mood and to send that unmistakable message "take me"! So we write about everything we and our staff can think of that has to do with, about and surrounding lingerie.

How about going shopping with your lover, husband or boy friend as a means of starting the romance off in a different way? Sexy Lingerie Shopping with a Lover or Husband is a guide on how to enjoy shopping on a whole new dimension. Shopping is just shopping until you are buying or browsing in a sexy lingerie store with the partner who is going to spend the evening with you and hopefully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don't forget that we also write about another world of romance and that is our Sex Toy Articles that explore all of the aspects of the source of so much happiness for couples. Sex toys are a subject many don't know much about but would like to learn.

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