Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plus Size Lingerie Models are the Sexiest!

While many may disagree I think plus size models are the sexiest models you can find and the reasons have to do a lot with how healthy they look. Plus size models are the sexiest models because they look normal, full of life and vibrant in comparison many fashion models look emaciated, hungry, angry and unhappy. I realize the prevailing opinion is that fashion models are among the sexiest women on the planet but when you look at plus size models they simply appear much healthier. Now you may think I am putting this picture here to make my point and of course you are correct. Emaciated, unhappy and rather forlorn, don't you agree. Contast that with any one of the plus size models whose photos appear here. Would the fashion model appear happier if she had a smile on her face? Sure she would but that doesn't change the fact that she simply looks unhealthy, sick and sad. Perhaps she is coached to look that way as it is supposed to look sexier but to me it simply looks tragic.

This gorgeous woman n the other hand is "normal" except for the fact that she is well, gorgeous! Sorry I shouldn't use the term gorgeous twice in the same sentence! Plus size models enjoy the label of being sexiest models as they are real, genuine and not suffering from anorexia or bulemia or any other eating disorder thus they have real breasts, hips, thighs and stomachs and yes they are size 14, 16 and up. Or are they? There is a definite controversy over whether plus size models are really plus size. The answer in my opinion is not always. So what? Things don't usually change overnight and it has taken the media, manufacturers and the fashion world a good long while to change and they are still in the process of changing but change they must. We all know that plus sized women are underserved in the clothing and particularly lingerie business. Perceptions need to change and the pace is too slow for most plus size women. But does seeing that not all plus size women are size 14, 16 or above serve the cause. I think not as there needs to be a combination of patience and concerted demands for continued change.

A recent controversy has added a new dimension to the plus size model acceptance issue involving Lane Bryant, a plus size clothing and underwear retailer who wanted to broadcast an ad during American Idol and Dancing with the Stars featuring plus size models who happen to have big breasts. Is it that women with big breasts are the problem, not that they are plus size? Plenty of women have big breasts and of course many models and celebrities have enhanced breasts as well. It appears plus size models get it coming and going and now the size of a models breasts have to be reviewed before an ad can make it in prime time. Is this for real?

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