Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curvy Women Demand Sexy Plus Size Lingerie !

Sexy plus size lingerie is what curvy women demand and often they don't get it and the reason may be far from obvious. Sexy plus size lingerie is supposed to make curvy women look and more importantly feel sexy and wanted but does it always reach the need?

While it should be simple enough, create sexy lingerie that curvy women want to wear and that makes them look their sexy best. Often though the sexy plus size lingerie isn't designed with a curvy woman's body in mind. Too often it is just a larger version of the better selling misses sizes and can actually result in a curvy woman looking anything but sexy. Fortunately more and more lingerie designers are daring to make sexy lingerie sexier and that is a good thing for plus size women.

This plus size crotchless boyshort is an example of creating a panty that is not afraid to show off a plus size woman's body.
Part of wearing sexy lingerie is showing off your body and plus size women are no different, are they? Many designers seem to think so and herein is the problem. There is very little sexy about sexy lingerie that does not expose a woman's body. The extent to which it does so is simply up to the woman!

Certainly this plus size crotchless panty leaves little to the imagination and also shows off this curvy woman's natural curves which is the best part. The point I am trying to make is if a woman wants to buy a silk babydoll that shows off little more than some dresses then that is great, her choice. What is often missing in sexy lingerie for plus size women is the show all, exotic lingerie that men love women to wear and often is just not available. If she wants to be extremely that is great as well.

Curvy plus size women are entitled to the choice of just how sexy she wants to look and my bet is that there are more and more plus size women who want to express their sexuality with a sexy plus size sheer babydoll that is see through, and doesn't hide but exposes her sexy body and she has a very sexy body and hiding it would be a crime.

Do we want or need to hide large women's bodies from view, particularly from their husbands and boyfriends? Do we thinks a plus size woman's body should be shielded from view as it has some rolls of fat or too much cleavage or simply doesn't meet our standards of what a woman's body should look like? What is it about a plus size woman's body that bothers us? It is true that a regular sized woman's body has little to any excess fat so is that the standard? If so, and I think it clearly is, then what are we to do with a plus size womans body? Well in the lingerie business the solution is to photograph plus size women who represent the well toned, size 12's and maybe size 10's and drape them in lingerie and hope the buying public doesn't care, cares but not enough to complain or complains but nobody listens to them anyway. The truth is there are some very dirty little secrets about plus size women and lingerie.

One secret is that plus size women really love large flowers in gaudy colors all over their lingerie. The truth is some women may love that but isn't it curious that slimmer women are usually not offered the same options and why not if it is so special?


Anonymous said...

I am a size 14 and proud to be a curvy woman. I love sexy lingerie and this stuff sure meets that criteria. I'm tired of the same old fat woman lingerie or that is how it seems some of these lingerie companies think plus size lingerie should be described. Showing skin is why the word sexy is in sexy lingerie, don't you agree!

Donna the plus size lingerie diva said...

Being a curvy woman, I think plus size lingerie is mandatory. Sexy is a state of mind and for me, wearing sexy plus lingerie makes me feel very attractive. It boosts my self-esteem and makes me feel great about myself. It's fantastic and once you try a sexy lingerie in your size you'll be addicted. You won't believe how good you'll feel about yourself. Talking from personal experience here...