Friday, July 23, 2010

Sexy Lingerie for the Summer!

What kind of sexy lingerie do women wear in the summer months when it is often hot and steamy, night and day? Sexy lingerie for the summer months is imperative as romance simply heats up in the months of june, july and august. The first response might be no lingerie as it is too hot to wear a lot of clothes, much less lingerie. Well that might be correct as most everyone wears less in the summer, shorts versus pants, no hose versus pantyhose, short sleeves versus long sleeves. But back to lingerie! What kind of lingeris sells well in the hot months of the year?

sheer fringed panties priced at $24.99 look like they would be a cool item to wear on those long, simmering nights that seem to go on forever, don't you think?

Sheer lingerie is popular no matter what time of year as it is see through, after all and it keeps you cool and seductive looking night and day. The sheer stretch babydoll is priced at $28.99.

Doesn't this look cool and well, comforting? Perhaps but one thing for sure it is in line with the sexy, seductive lingerie of summer. The sheer fishnet booty shorts set is in turquoise at $19.99.

What would summer be like without a sexy pair of sexy crotchless panties especially under a sexy mini skirt or short shorts to make a summer evening a very special one.

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full figure lingerie said...

sooo excited to wear those sexy lingerie this summer. gotta lose some weight as early as now to look fab.