Saturday, July 31, 2010

Men Love Women who wear Open Cup Lingerie

Open cup lingerie is synonomous with open bust and cupless lingerie and they all get the same reaction from men. Call it open cup lingerie or even open bust lingerie but the effect is still the same as it exposes many men's favorite woman's body part and many women love the thought of stimulating their man to distraction.

But why, some ask should I purchase a garment that has the bra removed and the reason is quite simple. Wearing a garment with the bra removed showcases the area that is removed and the bra covers the breasts and there is your answer. Open cup lingerie is one of Flirty Lingerie's top sellers and the women can't seem to get enough of them.

Remember if you over think this subject you will simply miss the point. There are garments worn to work and they must be appropriate, business like, provide warmth, coverage and be moderately fashionable. Wearing only a thong and a bra will surely result in some discipline or dismissal but who doesn't get it that the clothes you wear to work must fit in with everyone else, more or less. On the other hand lingerie worn in the bedroom has a different function and one of those functions is stimulating one or both partners so open cup lingerie is a perfect solution to that age old problem- what can I wear to turn my husband on?

The open cup shelf bra is a great example of an open cup lingerie garment that women want to wear and they can and do wear it to work, clubs and wherever they go as it can be worn under clothing giving her a fuller, firmer and perkier looking breasts and what woman doesn't want that? The shelf bra acts well, like a shelf that her breasts rest upon pusing them up and out that makes a stunning silhouette under a blouse or sweater and no one needs to know except that she has a great rack.

While many women love the shelf bra it may be too much of a good thing and in that case she might consider the open tip peek a boo bra which covers all of her breasts except the nipples. Like the shelf bra that can be worn in the bedroom for special viewing or under outerwear so that only she and special vip's are aware of her state of undress.

There are many examples of these sexy open cup lingerie garments but perhaps one of the sexiest is the cupless leopard romper teddy which shows a lot but is still cute, flirty and sexy and that is asking a lot from a piece of lingerie.

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