Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lingerie from Seven Til Midnight is Seriously Sexy!

Seven til Midnight is a lingerie maker that has come out with their 2010 catalog and it is some of the sexiest lingerie we have seen in a good while. Since we deal with numerous lingerie manufacturers we believe Seven til Midnight is now making some of the most marketable, fashion forward lingerie in the industry. All of our lingerie manufacturers are carefully and none of them are slackers, quite the contrary, but at this point in time we are very impressed with Seven til Midnight and Carrie Amber.

What makes them so good? A lot of things go into making high quality lingerie and marketing it to the public. Lets begin with the designers who after all dream up the styles, colors, cuts of the product. Then there are the photographers who take the shots of the girls in their sexy underwear. Choosing the models is, in my mind one of the trickiest jobs as judged by the quality of some of the makers while others seem to struggle. STM is doing a great job as the consumer can only judge by what they see as opposed to a retail store where the buyer can try on the item, touch it, fell it and judge for themselves. Plus size lingerie is a perfect example of the quality garment, beautiful woman and photography combining to make for a best selling item.

Sexy thongs are usually top sellers but the job to sell them gets easier when the vendor covers all the bases and provides images that allow the customer to make an informed decision. STM is not just a lingerie makes though as they carry a full line of sexy costumes that are in tune with the market of young women who want to buy sexy and cute costumes in the right styles and colors.

Look for a lot more of Seven til Midnight on our site as we will carry their full line and we expect a great response to this quality lingerie and costume line.

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